Chula Vista

San Diego, CAWith a name roughly translating into Spanish for “beautiful view,” Chula Vista sits on the Pacific coastline, the second largest city in San Diego County.

A masterly planned community, deliberately settled and developed during the 19th century, Chula Vista continues to expand east and grow as a modern suburbia with small town values. Only 10 minutes south of San Diego, Chula Vista is comfortable beach living – without being too far – removed from the bustle of San Diego’s metro.

Chula Vista’s Location in San Diego

Welcome to the Chula Vista Lemon Festival

Chula Vista is 7 miles south of downtown San Diego and 7 miles north of Tijuana and the US/Mexico border. To Chula Vista’s east is Bonita, and to its west runs the Pacific coastline.


Chula Vista’s major freeways include the San Diego 5, 905, and 15 freeways, which run north/south into Mexico, and the State Route 125, which runs northeast to connect to the 67 and 8 freeways.


Chula Vista is served by its own Chula Vista Elementary School District, and colleges in Chula Vista include trade schools International University for Nutrition Education, Pacific Southwest School Association of Realtors, Pima Medical Institute, Rop Career Center, and Southwestern College.

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