Apartment Amenity Prices: Summing Up the Parts

What do you pay for each of your amenities?

Have you ever lived in an apartment with a pool, but never used it? What about a really nice clubhouse with pool table, video games, air hockey, etc.? Could you have saved on your rent staying at a place without these luxuries? We were curious to see what those special amenities do to the price of your rent, so we decided to find out.

We took all the listings in our database across the country and matched them up according to their amenities to figure out what the price difference was for places that had these amenities. We did it by setting all other things equal in the apartments then only adding the amenity in question to see on average how much more in rent it costs. We looked at ten amenities and compared 115,449 apartments on average per amenity to come up with the numbers. We have described five amenities in detail and have the changes in rents per amenity in a table at the bottom of the blog.

Oct 2011
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