Life Hacks Every Apartment Dweller Can Use

bigstock-Giving-Away-The-Keys-1867201An apartment, regardless of size, doesn’t have to be limiting. Whether you have just moved into your first apartment or you’re a veteran, there are a few hacks you can apply to maximize your limited square footage. Some might be a weekend project, while others can be completed in an hour.

Hooks Are Your Friend

Coat hooks aren’t just for jackets and scarves in the closet. In fact, they’re great for keeping your bathroom clean and orderly. Use hooks to hang up towels instead of the usual towel rod. This ensures everyone has a place to hang their own towel and keeps the towels off the ground.

Get Creative with Litter Boxes

If your apartment lets you have a cat, you’ll have a litter box. These don’t take up a lot of space, but often they’re right in the middle of your living space. Instead of having your litter box out in the open, consider placing it inside of a piece of furniture. For example, a side table can have the bottom drawers removed so that you can place the litter box at the bottom and let your cat sneak in and do its business. This can also help mask some of the scent too.

Utilize Under the Bed Storage

Underneath the bed, you could have ample storage space for shoes, seasonal items, etc. Instead of using a traditional metal frame, place your bed on overturned narrow bookshelves. This gives you access to different storage spaces and still the look of a finished bed.

Hang Bikes

Don’t leave your bike in the living area or in the hallway — it just takes up space. Instead, hang your bike on the wall to get it up off the floor.

Rethink Pantry Storage

While manufacturer boxes seem neat, they take up a lot of space in your pantry area. Instead of using the boxes, store food items in airtight pantry containers or mason jars. Your food will stay fresh, food will be organized and neat, and you’ll have more space in your pantry.

Use a Table with a Leaf

Large dining tables aren’t functional in an apartment. Instead, opt for a smaller-sized table with a leaf option. That way you can expand the table when you need the extra space and shrink it back down when you don’t.

Get Rid of the Ironing Board

Ironing boards are necessary for most, but take up a lot of space. Instead, make or buy a thin quilt. Then attach small magnets to the back. When you need to iron roll out your ironing mat over the washing machine or dryer and do your ironing. Then roll it back up when you’re done.

Organize the Spice Rack

Instead of having individual bottles of each spice, buy spice jars. Then, use magnets to stick the jars to the side of your fridge. This opens up cupboard space and gives you immediate access to your spices while you’re cooking.

No matter how small the space is, there are always ways to get more out of your square footage.

Jan 2014