Effective Marketing Tips: How to Keep Your Property Ads Up to Date

bigstock-Couple-4843660Advertising your property on a site is effective, but only if you keep your property advertisements up to date. You can’t just post and ad and forget about it. You need to have your information current so that prospective renters know what to expect from your property in terms of condition, rent, availability, etc. While you don’t need to update weekly, there are certain things that you need to update every time there is a change.


Rent is one of the biggest reasons people look at a prospective property. If your rental amounts are out of date, you’re wasting prospective renters’ time and your own. Take a look at your rates and make sure you’re competitive with similar property types in the area. Any time rent goes up, change it on your property listing accordingly. You can list ranges — especially if you charge more for upper floor units — but keep the prices accurate.

Tours, Photos and Online Videos

Photos need to represent your property. If your photos were from one or two years ago or before a remodel, update them. To capture the attention of more renters, consider loading a 365-degree view or video tour.

Spend a little extra money and take detailed photos of the interior. Hire a professional so that you can really capture what your property is like. Get photos of every room in the unit, including storage areas, amenities and parking. The more detailed your photos are the more likely a prospective renter is to consider your property. Having just a photo of the exterior won’t entice prospects to visit your property, especially with competitor properties offering more detail.

Offers and Incentives

Special offers or incentives can attract prospective renters. Update your listing any time you have a promotion and set an expiration date. This creates a sense of urgency that could turn a prospective renter into an applicant. Also, incentives can keep you competitive with other properties in the area, especially if your rental rates are higher or your amenities aren’t as robust as competing properties.

Listing Amenities

Amenities are features that make your unit easier to live in. You should list everything from a dishwasher to air conditioning to covered parking. If it is something that makes your tenant’s life easier, it should be on your amenities list. Also, community amenities such as a pool, fax machine, office area with free Wi-Fi, etc. should be listed.

Review your listings every month and see if everything is up to date. Once a unit is taken, remove the advertisement immediately. If you have multiple units make sure the rent accurately depicts the units available. The more details that are up-to-date, the more likely you can attract prospective renters. See what your competitors are listing and keep your advertisements similar. This might require a little extra time each moth researching, but that time will pay off in the end when you’re able to fill vacancies quickly.

Jan 2014
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