What Renters Are Really Looking for in Apartments

bigstock-Young-couple-moving-in-new-pla-17001401If you want people to live in your units, you need to offer them what they’re looking for. While the wants and needs of one can be different from another, there are some things that all renters are looking for out of a new apartment. The closer to these wants your property is, the more likely you can fill your vacancies fast.

Responsive Management Staff

Most renters leave apartments because their management staff is too relaxed. When a staff doesn’t seem to take their duties seriously, the renters suffer. Renters want to rest assured that if they have an issue with their apartment (whether it is an emergency or not) they will have a management team that responds accordingly. Also, renters want polite, friendly management staff members. When repairs are needed, they should be done in a timely manner. After all, that is the benefit of renting — a renter shouldn’t have to do repairs themselves.

Safe Living

If your apartment community isn’t safe, you aren’t going to attract new renters. People want to feel safe where they live. To prove your community is a safe choice, highlight safety features, such as:

  • Well-lit parking lots
  • Gated community
  • Background checks on staff, maintenance crew and neighbors
  • New locks
  • Security systems

Family-Friendly Apartments

While single people are the predominant renters, there are still families that choose to rent an apartment versus a house. Renters want to feel like they’re in a friendly community. If they have a family pet, they are going to look for an apartment that is pet-friendly. So, make sure to list whether or not you accept pets. Renters who have children want to know that there are things for their children, such as a playground, other kids in the community, a pool, etc. List these amenities on your description to help increase the family-friendly environment.

If you’re close to schools, list those schools — including private schools. If you have on-site daycare or are close to a reputable daycare center, mention that in your listing or amenities for parents with younger children.

Convenient Living

Renters are looking for apartments that make their life easier. Some amenities that do that include being close to shopping centers (especially grocery stores), having public transit nearby and being located in a safe neighborhood. Some renters worry about how close they are to hospitals, universities and public schools, so you should list the distances accordingly.

While you can’t change everything about your apartment, there are some things you can do to make your apartment more desirable to possible renters. From listing the amenities to being more responsive to tenant needs, you’re going to increase your positive ratings and appeal for new tenants.

You can’t make every renter happy, but if you notice you’re not retaining current residents and vacancies are sitting empty for an extended period of time, it might be a good time to change how you appeal to potential renters.

Jan 2014