Tips for Creating an Attractive Rental Ad

bigstock-Couple-4843660The competition is fierce for rental properties. If your advertisement doesn’t stick out in the crowd, your vacancies could stand open for months. It’s important to feature the best things about your rental property – including all pertinent information. While you cannot include everything, you need to include the information that makes prospective renters interested in seeing the property in person.

Enhance Your Description

You could use a general description, but doing so leaves out a lot of information about your property. Include the details that aren’t in a normal description, especially those features that people are looking for, such as:

  • A spacious garage or parking stall
  • Great views
  • A private yard or community park

Give directions to your property and include any key landmarks or amenities you’re close to. These include things tenants are looking for, such as access to public transportation or being within walking distance to local colleges, coffee shops and malls.

Take a Lot of Photos

You might be limited on the number of photos you can include in your advertisement. If so, make sure to at least cover the main areas your tenants are concerned about, including the kitchen, living room, main bedroom, and bathroom. If there is additional space after that include other amenities like parking stalls, pools, community rooms and floor plans.

You want your prospective tenants to picture themselves living in your rental property. The pictures and spaces should be clean, clutter-free and have plenty of natural light. Take the picture during the day and never use the flash feature on your camera — this makes the site too artificial. Get pictures from different angles and if you have it in the budget, include a virtual tour.

Include the Price

Even if your rent isn’t your selling point, you need to include it. Properties that don’t have a rental rate listed are automatically skipped over. Tenants don’t have time to follow up on simple questions like how much the rent will be. So, include the desired rental amount, security deposit and lease term in your description.

Don’t Copy Other Ads

Even if you have your ads listed on multiple sites, you need each one to be unique. Even more so, if you have multiple units or properties, don’t just copy and paste your advertisement from one site to the other. The more unique your advertisement is, the more it will stand out to prospective tenants.

Sell With Incentives

People are always looking for ways to save. If you have specials or incentives going for that month, include them in your ad. While you don’t have to list any terms to the incentives, do be truthful. Don’t use an incentive on false pretenses. This is not only poor ethics, but it could potentially open the door for liability issues in the future.

Review your ads from time to time and change them up if they aren’t giving you much traffic. The goal of your ad is to fill your vacancy, so continue to edit and adjust until it does just that.

Feb 2014