A Survival Guide for Los Angeles Renters

bigstock-Young-couple-buying-new-home-20438549The Los Angeles area can certainly be intimidating — even more so if you’re not from California. While it is a big city, it’s not like your typical metropolis. It’s extensive, well spread out and you will notice living in Los Angeles means it could take you over an hour to get from one side to the other. To help you survive, consider these first-time survival tips.

Get a Car

Walking and public transportation in Los Angeles isn’t like it is in New York. There are long lines and the public transportation system isn’t as advanced as the subways of New York and Chicago. Los Angeles was designed for vehicles, with its wide roads. Keep a variety of things in your car so if you get stuck in traffic you’re not without. Such as a few bottles of water, snacks and even a change of clothes.

Find a Local Friend

Los Angeles is full of secret discoveries. Areas that look run down sometimes have hidden gems — like a top rated restaurant or great clothing store. But, if you don’t know the area you won’t be able to find these unique places.

People Eat In

Los Angeles isn’t as big on eating out as you might think. Instead of being invited out to dinner, you are more likely to find yourself invited to someone’s house for a dinner party. Be prepared for the invitations, but more importantly, be prepared to host your own dinner party as a thank you.

Go For Casual Attire

Los Angeles isn’t about fancy dress up; in fact the city is very casual. Jeans and a good shirt will help you blend in here just fine. If you have a lot of fancy clothes or warm attire, it’s time to give them away, because the temperatures out here rarely go low enough to need winter wear.

Enjoy Fresh Produce

If you are from another state, you will be instantly surprised at how amazing fresh produce is in Los Angeles. Not only is it literally fresh (sometimes picked that day), but it is extremely affordable. Also, Santa Monica has their infamous farmer’s market, where you could pick up buckets of fresh produce for practically nothing

Become a Morning Person

Los Angeles is a morning type of place. People start their days early (usually around six in the morning) and end their nights equally early. This is because the sun is up and ready to go earlier on the coast. The outside light is beautiful to wake up to and almost encourages you to get out of bed. If you’re on the side of L.A. by the beach, you will also be wakened to a coastal breeze and the smell of sea salt.

Living in Los Angeles can be exciting. When you move to a big city, don’t let it intimidate you. Make some friends, get out and explore and see what you can find. Look for blogs online where locals discuss their latest finds to help you find the unique things L.A. has to offer.

Feb 2014