Moving to California? An Essential Movers Checklist for Out of State Moves

bigstock-Young-couple-resting-from-movi-14780477It is one thing to move to a familiar area, but it’s another to be moving to a new state entirely. Moving to California doesn’t have to be stressful, but it does take proper preparation to make the move as easy as possible. Before you move, implement these must do’s.

Find an Apartment First

While some people are tempted to move and find their new place once they are there, it will be a lot less stressful if you find a place before you move. If you have the time, make a trip to the area you want to live and pick out your apartment in person. If you can’t, have a local friend do some research for you. Pick out an apartment at least one month in advance so you have enough time to pack and prepare.

Get Rid of Junk and Clutter

Moving junk and clutter across town is daunting enough, but moving it across state lines is expensive. Go through your apartment room by room and put stuff you don’t need or don’t use in a box. If it something that can be easily replaced, sell it or give it away. While buying new stuff can be expensive, it is expensive to move furniture across state lines. Compare the cost of moving the item versus selling it and buying another.

To make the decision process a little easier you can create three piles: toss, give away (donate) and keep. A lot of items can be given away like clothes, dishes, etc. Some companies won’t take old mattresses or stuffed animals, so call your local charity to see what items they take and what items they won’t.

Figure Out How You Will Move

Decide if you are going to do the move yourself or if you are going to hire someone. It does cost more to hire professional movers, but in some cases you still save — especially when you consider the hassle of moving across states. Do some comparison shopping, also looking at the time and effort you’ll put in with each type of move. Then secure your moving company or moving van. You will want to place a reservation at least one month before your expected moving date.

Change Address

Change your address with financial institutions, credit cards and utility companies. It’s unlikely you will deal with the same utility providers from your current state, so set a shut off date and contact local utilities at your new location to set up a start date. If you aren’t sure which utilities are available in the new area, contact your landlord for a list of providers. Last, file a change of address with the post office. This will also forward mail that comes to your old address during the interim.

Moving to California is exciting and it can stay that way if you plan ahead. As with any big move you should give yourself ample time to plan. Starting a few months in advance can help make the transition from one state to another a lot less stressful.

Feb 2014