Five Ways to Commute in Los Angeles

bigstock-Female-Commuter-Cycling-5219376Let’s face it; the traffic alone on Los Angeles freeways could keep anyone from getting to work on time. The downtown area especially is cramped and crowded and what technically should only take 10 minutes could easily take an hour if you leave at the wrong time of the day. Driving to work is hard on your time and your wallet and with the gas prices constantly on the up, it’s not uncommon to wonder if there are better ways to commute in L.A. If you’re looking to ditch the car — even just for a day or two per week — you have a few commuting options.

Ride a Bike

Los Angeles is friendly to bikes. In fact you’ll be hard pressed to not find a bike lane or a bike path leading right over the freeway. Taking a bike to work will not only help save on gas and the environment, but it benefits your health. You’ll want to time it out a few times on the weekend to see how long it takes you from home to work on a bike — accounting for traffic and road crossings.

Use Mass Transit

The mass transit in Los Angeles might not be as grand as it is in New York, but it definitely gets you from home to work. Busses run constantly throughout LA and there are bus stops located just about everywhere downtown. You can also take the train if you need to get from one side of L.A. to the other. Even though you have to pay for public transportation, you might be surprised how much less a bus pass costs compared to gas for your vehicle.

Join a Carpool

Talk to others you work with and see about starting a carpool group. Some companies promote carpooling and have carpooling sign-up boards. Carpooling gives everyone a break from driving to work, helps you get to know your co-workers and lets you use the express lane on the freeway.

Take a Stroll

If you are lucky enough to have an apartment close to your work, you can walk. The weather, even in the early morning, is favorable in Los Angeles. The sun rises pretty early in southern California, so it is likely to be well-lit when you are heading off to work. Just avoid walking during the April raining season — you could get caught in a heavy downpour.

Discuss Work from Home Opportunities

Some employers allow their staff to work from home one or two days per week to save on overhead and transportation costs. Discuss with your employer about a temporary work from home opportunity or even a full-time opportunity. More businesses are embracing telecommuting because they can lessen how much they pay in office space. If you are able to telecommute you’ll be able to save time and money and your office is just in the next room.

Feb 2014