5 Reasons to Go for Top Floor Living

bigstock-Family-of-three-on-the-balcony-45110686Searching for a new apartment is exciting. It’s a time to try something new, explore a new area and even meet some new people. A lot of people are concerned about the size of the unit, the rent, amenities, what have you, but what thought do you put into the floor you’re living on? You can usually pick the unit you’ll live in, including the floor. While the top floor often has a higher price tag, there is a reason for it: it’s the most desirable spot in an apartment building.

If you’re not sold on top floor living, consider these five top reasons people go with the highest floor possible.

It’s Warmer

Heat rises, that’s just physics. You won’t have a high heating bill during the cooler California months, because your neighbors will have their units cranked up to the fullest. Because the ground is damper and cooler in the winter, the bottom units will spend more in heating bills than the top floor. In fact, you might not have to turn on your heater at all in the winter.

You Can Enjoy Quieter Living

On the top floor there’s no one above you. You won’t hear your neighbors walking around, exercising or even talking. If you live in an older unit this is especially helpful, since floorboards tend to creak louder with age — waking you up in the middle of the night for sure. Of course, you’ll have to still be conscious of the fact you have neighbors living below, and not stomp your way to the bathroom or kitchen every time.

You Get More Privacy

On the bottom floor you have to deal with all of the foot traffic, including people just walking by to get to their car. On the top floor you are isolated and you have more privacy. You won’t have to keep the curtains drawn closed all day either, because everyone and anyone can’t walk by and look in to see what you have inside.

You Get All of the Sights

In downtown Los Angeles, a top floor apartment is beautiful. You can look down on the bustling city below you, take in the California sun, and never have to leave your place to do it. Depending on what portion of Los Angeles you are in you might even be able to see the ocean.

It’s a Little Safer

Top floor apartments are less prone to break-ins and thefts than bottom floor units. This is because burglars know they would have to pass multiple units and possible witnesses to burglarize a top-floor unit. Bottom floor units, on the other hand, have a higher number of thefts and burglaries.

It’s entirely up to you what floor you live on. If the apartment is nothing but stairs, you will want to consider if you can handle going up multiple flights of stairs on a daily basis. If your apartment has an elevator, make sure it is a working one and that there is an on-site staff member to fix it. The last thing you want is to have to take five or six flights of stairs every day because the elevator is out of service.

Feb 2014