Are You Monitoring Your Property’s Online Reputation?

bigstock-House-In-Hands-Home-Real-Estat-2617813The competition for apartment rentals in Los Angeles is fierce. If you have a poor reputation, renters are likely to step over your listing and move on to the guy with a positive rating. People talk about apartment communities almost daily and with the advances in social media, it is easy for an online reputation to spread like wildfire — good or bad. To make sure your apartment is keeping positive, you should use various tools that help monitor your online reputation.

Use Google Alerts

Google Alerts helps you monitor what people are saying about your apartment complex online. You might already be using Google Alerts, but if you aren’t, you can sign up using your Google account. Create a search query in the Google Alerts interface, then choose what alerts you want to receive, the frequency, and get started on monitoring your reputation.

Try Social Mention

Social Mention is free like Google Alerts and helps track any mentions of your company or brand name via social media. This is extremely important because often reviews and feedback are posted on social media sites rather than your own review site.

Integrate Pin Alerts

Pinterest is extremely popular and it is one of the fastest growing social networks. While negative feedback isn’t usually posted on Pinterest, users might pin pictures of your community, which is good for your reputation. Pin Alerts helps you track when your apartment community hits Pinterest and what is being pinned.


HootSuite is free to use. It doesn’t let you monitor your reputation, it helps you manage it. You can schedule posts on sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. These tools help you keep connected with current residents and potential residents to influence a more positive online reputation.

Handling Negative Feedback

If your reputation has turned sour online, there are things you can do to help turn it into a positive. First, you need to assess the review. Was it a tenant that was a poor tenant? Are they lashing out because they were evicted? If it was a solid tenant with good rental history leaving the feedback, address the concerns right in the feedback. For example, responding with a comment. Discuss that you understand their frustrations, how you plan on fixing this issue so tenants aren’t upset in the future, etc. But, be genuine. If you say you are going to fix something, fix it. Really assess why people are leaving negative feedback and work to fix that feedback.

Never respond to negative comments with a negative tone. Be positive and understanding. You can defend your community, but do so professionally and politely. There is nothing worse for your online reputation than becoming snarky or mean in a comment that is posted online for everyone to see.

Feb 2014
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