Tips for a Successful Property Website

House-Buying On The InternetConsumers rely heavily on the internet. Before they visit a property or even consider renting from it, they review it online. The first impression you give to a potential renter is important. You can do this by having an excellent website for your property. Before you just put something haphazardly together, you need to implement some good practices to take your website a step above the “average” site.

Always Keep Your Site Up to Date

No one wants to read outdated information. If you are running a special in December and it’s still posted in February, it tells visitors you don’t monitor your site that much. Also, update rental information as soon as it changes. If rental rates have gone up, update that right away. Include updated photographs, floor plans and other info about your open units as well.

Use Professional Language

A website should never be unprofessional or have inappropriate language. Don’t use slang and keep your sentences well-written. Proofread your work before you publish it onto your site to catch any spelling errors, typos or awkward phrases as well.

Get Reliable Hosting

There is nothing more detrimental to your reputation than a website that is always down. Use a reliable hosting company that ensures maximum up time. The longer a website is down, the less likely you are to pull in more leads from your site.

Promote Your Site More Efficiently

While apartment listings help drive traffic to your website, you need to promote it through other outlets as well. Use social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest to promote awareness about your site. You’ll not only boost your traffic, but your brand recognition as well.

Have an Easy Contact Method

Your website is the place people go to learn more information, but it can also be the place they go to connect with your or a manger. Consider adding a live chat feature to your site or have a contact form that visitors can complete. Your phone number and applicable email addresses should also be listed on your homepage and every sub-page so that visitors know how to get in touch.

Use a Friendly Design

Not everyone is used to browsing on the internet. Have a user-friendly design that keeps navigation simple and a template that isn’t busy. When your site is too complicated or you have multiple flash banners distracting the user from the text, you will have a higher bounce rate.

Add Testimonials

People like to know what others think about your property. Leave customer testimonials on your home page and have a separate page where you can encourage others to leave feedback or you can list all of your best testimonials.

The more time you take to build your website the more likely it will provide you with reliable leads. You will have to spend some money developing your site, but the return on that investment is priceless.

Feb 2014