St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas for Your New Apartment

Shamrock Green BiscuitsYou don’t have to be Irish to host an amazing St. Patrick’s Day party this year. All it takes is a little green, some good friends and a happening spot to host an epic party on the 17th. Regardless of how many people you’re inviting, you’ll want to get your party planning started early so that you aren’t scrambling March 16th.

Send Out the Invites Today

You need guests at your St. Patrick’s Day party, so the first thing on your to do list should be acquiring them. Start designing your invites or buy some online. Send them out to your guests and give them as much notice as possible, especially if you want RSVPs. You don’t have to be crafty to make fun invitations. In fact, all you need is some green construction paper and a computer and you can make some amazing-looking invitations in a matter of minutes — and without spending a fortune.

Create a Green-Themed Attire Requirement

Youcan’t have a St. Patrick’s Day party without everyone dressed in green. So make sure to remind your guests that green is required when they show up — unless they want to get pinched all night. You could buy some green party hats at the local party supply store too, that way everyone has a touch of green.

Think About Décor

Your decorations make or break the party. You don’t have to go crazy in your apartment, and remember everything you put up you’ll have to take down after the party. Green streamers are great décor fillers that are inexpensive and quick to put up and remove. Green balloons are also inexpensive and easy to use. If you have the time, make or buy four leaf clovers and then plaster them all over the apartment, on the doors and even windows to bring in some Irish spirit.

Don’t Forget About the Food

If you’re hosting a dinner party, you can’t go wrong with corned beef and cabbage. But if you’re hosting a casual get together where people are more likely to snack than feast, you can get creative and make some green appetizers. Green cookies or green sandwich wraps are good ideas to get started. Traditional Irish soda bread is easy to make and can even be done a day ahead of time.

For drinks, green beer is the obvious choice. But, if you have friends that don’t drink, try lemonade dyed green or offer up some green water.

Hosting the perfect St. Patrick’s Day party is easy if you give yourself enough time. If you start now, you have enough time to plan, buy what you need and get an accurate guest count.

Mar 2014