Tips for Decorating a Smaller Bathroom

Tips for Decorating a Smaller BathroomYou might not sleep or eat in the bathroom, but you would be surprised at how much time you spend in this small amount of square footage. In apartments you’re often limited as to how much you can do to personalize this small space, and when it is exceptionally small, you might feel as though you don’t have any options when it comes to decorating it either. But, there are savvy ways you can personalize even the most cramped bathroom and make it truly your own.

Go With the Simple Approach

Adding too many pieces of décor to your bathroom can overwhelm the small space and give it a cluttered look. Try to stick to the simple decorations — and only one or two focal points total. Consider a trendy bath mat or a piece of artwork to draw in the eyes. Bright colors can also help open up the space, but too many colors could give the small space a busy look. Stick to just a few shades and keep the color palette consistent throughout.

Just because you’re taking the simple approach doesn’t mean you have to be boring with it. There is always room for a statement piece that speaks to your personality — but keep in mind it is just the bathroom. You need enough counter space to get ready and you still have enough décor to impress your guests.

Store the Essentials Out of the Way

There is nothing more cluttering to a bathroom than your essentials everywhere the open eye can see them. The key to a sophistically decorated bathroom is to keep it simple and keep it neat. Put your stuff in places they aren’t readily seen or get creative about how you store them in the open. For example, tinted mason jars are great for brushes and they keep things looking neat. The more organized your bathroom is, the more roomy it will feel too.

Add Extra Mirrors

The mirror that comes with your bathroom has a function, but the additional mirrors you add can increase the space inside your bathroom. Add small, decorative mirrors to give the illusion of extra space, but keep them proportionate to the room.

Pick Your Shower Curtain Wisely

You never thought a shower curtain would determine how big or small your bathroom feels, but it’s true. Dark colored shower curtains can quickly swallow up any extra space in your bathroom giving it a cramped, small feel. Stick to bright, light, or neutral colors. These blend well and you won’t have a big wall of color showing your guests that your bathroom only goes so far.

If your manager lets you, paint your bathroom with an accent wall using a natural color. This can give the illusion of more space and depth, even if your bathroom is as big as a closet.

Mar 2014