Make Your Apartments Appealing to Renters Ready to Relocate

Businesswoman With House Model And KeysSummer is on its way, which means a lot of apartment dwellers are going to be looking to relocate before school starts yet again. You can take advantage of all of these motivated movers by making your apartment units stand out in the crowd.

Harness the Power of the Internet

Most apartment dwellers looking to relocate do so through the internet. They will make the decision to move, then search for new apartments online. The most important thing you can do is optimize your online listing. You should have what renters are looking for and more importantly, be the listing that entices renters to pick your units over the rest.

Some renters might be under time constraints. And, if you have renters that are looking for a new apartment but don’t have the luxury of looking at the apartment, they will rely on the online advertisement to tell them about what your unit has to offer.

Use Visual Aids

Renters often don’t have the time or willpower to look at dozens of different apartments. Instead they will narrow down their choices online, schedule some tours and appointments, and make a decision based on the few units that they see. Some renters might not look at all – especially if they are moving a long distance.

Make it easier for renters by showing them what your apartment has to offer. Use high-quality photographs and include video tours of your units. Use colorful advertisements and tell renters what they can expect. List every amenity and perk – especially those that help you stand out from the competition.

Be Clear About Rental Prices

The last thing a renter wants is to guess what the rent is or make a list of apartments to call asking about rent. Make your rental rates and deposit information clear on the advertisement. Include everything the renter gets for that rent – such as utilities that are included or parking.

Add Reviews from Past Tenants

Reviews from tenants are one of the bestselling points you can add to an online listing. These customer testimonials attract new tenants to your apartment. Also, by including testimonials in your advertisement, you keep interested renters on the advertisement page versus going to another site to look for your reviews.

Follow Up

If a renter does contact you, follow up as fast as possible. The longer a renter has to wait in between contact, the more likely they are to contact a competitor. Renters looking to relocate that are on a short timeframe need answers and responses fast. Plus, the faster you respond, the better it looks for your reputation. An apartment manager that takes too long to respond could mean that is how you conduct business on a day-to-day basis.

Mar 2014