Are You Connecting With Potential Tenants Over the Phone?

Talking to some clientsThese days there are a lot of ways for potential renters to get in touch with your property — social media, email or even online chat. But, when renters truly want more information regarding what you have to offer, they still go for the phone. The phone is the only way renters can get answers to the questions they need right away; therefore, it is still a powerful tool for turning lookers into actual tenants.

It is important you convince a potential renter over the phone to come down and check out your property — and that all starts by making a connection over the phone.

Schedule Your Staff Accordingly

There is no bigger turn off to potential renters than waiting on hold or having no one answer when they call. You can usually predict what days your office gets the most calls; therefore, schedule your staff accordingly. Try to have someone there at all times to answer the phone while someone is showing an apartment. If you can’t, return calls that you miss right away and always have an answering machine ready to capture calls you can’t take live.

Be Friendly

If you answer the phone or are rude to potential tenants, it’s unlikely they’ll ever stop by to visit your units let alone rent from you. Always answer the phone with a friendly greeting. Ask the caller how you can help them, what you can do for them, and answer as many questions as they have — even if it takes a few minutes.

Be a Listener — Not an Annoying Sales Person

It is your job to fill vacancies, but you don’t have to make that your sole purpose while talking to potential renters. Listen to what they have to say, ask questions and have an engaging conversation. Don’t just keep spouting off reasons to check out your apartment or spend the entire time convincing them to come down. It is easier to get renters to visit your apartments if they connect with you over the phone and don’t feel like they will be pressured into signing a lease just for visiting.

See How They Found You

Accepting calls is a great way to measure what marketing techniques are bringing in the most business. Ask every caller how they heard about you and write it down. That way you know if your online listings or local advertisements are working.

Close the Call with Action

Instead of throwing out the request for the caller to come down and see the apartments first, ask them at the end of the call once you have made the connection and answered their questions. When you close the call with an action, it is more likely the caller will take you up on the offer.

Mar 2014
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