Why You Should Live in Santa Monica

Santa MonicaSanta Monica isn’t always highlighted in California, but it is a great place to live. Nestled in between Los Angeles and Ventura County, you would be surprised at what this quaint little area has to offer. Just visit it once and you’ll see why those who move there never want to leave.

They Have Exceptional Schools

Santa Monica is separated from Los Angeles — even though it is part of Los Angeles County. They’re schools are not part of the LA Public School System, which means all of the schools in the area have more say in how kids are taught, the curriculum, etc. Santa Monica schools have a reputation for excellence in education — in fact, some of their students have some of the highest national test scores and graduate successfully.

It’s Huge — All Nice and Open

Santa Monica has a very open layout. You don’t feel like you’re stuffed up in a crowded city and there is always a little land in between you, your neighbors and the local stores. There’s tons of greenery in Santa Monica — and of course, tons of beach property. The streets seem wider in Santa Monica too, just making you feel as though there’s plenty of space for you and the entire city to share.

It’s a Prime Location

Santa Monica is a premier location. Even if you’re just renting an apartment, you’re renting in a high-end area with plenty to offer. Also, Santa Monica is the central access point to everything California has to see. You’re next to the PCH Highway, have instant access to the 10 and 405 freeways and you can get just about anywhere you need to go in about 30 minutes or less. There’s less traffic in Santa Monica and it’s more of a beach lifestyle too, making it the ideal place if you want an easier going day.

You’re Practically on the Beach

Anywhere you go in Santa Monica you’re bound to see the beach right there. The beaches in Santa Monica are stunning, bright and always clean. While they can get crowded on the weekends or holidays, they are nowhere near as bad as Los Angele’s beaches. The area itself is perfect for family get together or romantic date nights.

You’ll Never Be Bored in Santa Monica

While you might not be in the hustle and bustle of downtown Los Angeles, there is always plenty to do in Santa Monica. You’re within minutes from camping, surfing and hiking. If you want to shop, there are plenty of local strip malls to choose from, or you are just 20 minutes from downtown Los Angeles and all of the shopping malls there are to find. You won’t be short of gourmet restaurants and local eateries either. And, because it is a beach city, there are plenty of activities to keep you and the entire family entertained all year long.

Mar 2014