Moving in the Rain? Check Out These Tips


It might be spring, but there is plenty of rain in California between April and May. If you haven’t heard the term “April Showers” before, you’ll see why soon enough. Unfortunately, the rain won’t care if it is your moving day either. So if it’s pouring rain or likely to rain in the forecast, there are things you can do to avoid rainy day headaches.

Take Steps to Protect Your Furniture

Any furniture that is exposed to the moisture could be left looking less than great once it reaches its destination. Wood furniture is prone to warping once went and cotton fabrics can soak up water and retain it – leaving you with a mold and mildew issue. Keep your furniture safe from the rain by wrapping it in plastic. You can buy it at your local moving supply store or some home improvement stores sell it by the roll just for covering furniture.

Wear Rain-Appropriate Clothing

Because it’s raining, the ground is wet. So wear shoes that are comfortable, but also have a good deal of traction. This is even more important if you will be going up and down stairs. The shoes should also be strong enough to withstand the elements, such as hiking boots.

Wear clothes that are water repellant and comfortable. You have to be able to lift and maneuver in whatever you wear, so be cautious about wearing thick raincoats. Try adding a pair of gloves to the mix so that your hands don’t get cold and wet during the move.

Use Plastic Moving Containers Instead of Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes and rain don’t mix. You’re likely to have soaked boxes before you even get to your destination — especially if you’re moving your items in an open truck bed. If you can, use plastic moving containers versus traditional cardboard boxes. If not, at least wrap your paper boxes in the same plastic wrap you use for your furniture to keep them from soaking up the water.

Cover Truck Beds

Cover the truck bed with a plastic tarp after everything is loaded. This will prevent water from getting inside and pooling around your belongings. If you’re using a moving truck, you may still want to use a tarp — in case the truck has any leaks in the cargo roof.

Use Towels and Rugs at Both Locations

Put down towels and rugs that you don’t mind getting dirty. This will keep mud and water from getting all over your floors, but also help give those helping you move the traction they need and prevent slips and falls.

Moving in California rain isn’t fun, but it can be done. Just take your time and get the right supplies and moving in the rain will go just fine.

Mar 2014