Tips for Moving with Young Children

Happy Family With Cardboard Boxes Moving In A New HomeLet’s face it; moving adults is hard enough. When you add kids into the mix, you’re just asking for some trouble. If you’re moving to a new apartment with young ones, there is a way to make the transition without causing too many headaches.

Include the Kids in the Apartment Hunting Process

Instead of leaving the kids out, take them out while you’re apartment hunting. When they feel like they are part of the process, they may be more helpful come moving day. Change is really rough on kids too, so having them contribute to the apartment hunting process can make the change a little less difficult.

Get the Kids Excited for the Move

Your kids might be attached to the current apartment, but you can help break the attachment by getting them ready for the new one. Tell them about the amenities the new one has that your current apartment doesn’t have. For example, you might have a swimming pool at the new one or a better park nearby. Anything you can do to get them more excited the better.

Make a Party Out of It

The first night you are in the new apartment, throw a little housewarming party just for you and the family. Consider packing bags full of toys and fun activities for you to do as a family once you reach the new place.

Make a Scrapbook

To keep your kids from getting sad about leaving their old apartment, create a scrapbook of the old place. This way they can remember it long after you move and look back on it whenever they get homesick.

Assign Tasks and Make Them Help

While you might think making the kids help will make them resent the move, you would be surprised at how much of a difference it can make. Assign them tasks they can easily complete, such as packing up their toys, writing box labels or helping you track inventory. The more involved they are in the process, the less depressed about it they will be.

Do Some Packing at Night

While the kids are asleep, do some of the packing at night. This way they don’t feel like their entire day is spent packing or they feel they don’t get enough attention from you during the day.

Have Someone Watch the Kids

For the real little ones, hire a babysitter or have a friend or family member watch them for you. You need to focus while moving, and it’s hard on little ones to be in the middle of such a busy activity.

Unpack the Kids Stuff First

Instead of starting with the kitchen or living room, unpack the kids’ stuff first. This helps them adjust to the new place a little easier and gives them a sense of security too.

Mar 2014