Need More Tenant Reviews? Four Friendly Ways to Encourage More Reviews

Hispanic family outside home for rentThese days renters look online to see what others have to say about apartments in their area. In fact, 80 percent of renters use reviews as a critical component in their apartment comparison. Because they are looking for reviews, it is important to have reviews on your site. But, how do you convince current and past tenants to leave good reviews for your complex? Sometimes all it takes is just asking them. After all, a lot of renters don’t realize that you’re looking for reviews or even accept them. Renters are more likely to write reviews if they’re asked, but it is also how you ask that determines whether or not you get the reviews you need to stand out among the competition.

Ask the Renter in Person

When you have a current or leaving resident in front of you, ask them for a review right then and there. You can give them a contact card to fill out or you can give them the address of the website where they can leave a review. Instead of making it a testimonial format, consider setting it up like a survey. This can encourage better feedback, but also tell you where you need to improve for future residents. Cover areas like maintenance, rent, and how they enjoyed their stay with you.

Send an Email

A lot of residents and property managers communicate through email. You can send a survey or ask for feedback and direct them to your website via an email or newsletter. Use a call-to-action statement that lets them know you’re collecting reviews. You could even encourage them by offering a small gift for sending a review.

Add It to Your Website

Add a page or button to your website that encourages visitors to read and leave reviews. It should be accessible for your renters – such as at the top of your website. Write some blog posts or have a catchy header that also helps renters find the review page. Don’t forget to add links and information about it on your social media sites.

Use Print Advertisements

A flyer taped to the door of each resident’s apartment could get their attention. Or you can send postcards out to past tenants and encourage them to leave a little feedback on your site. Add the address to your review site to all of your printed materials – including brochures, newsletters and even notecards. That way tenants always have access to the review site.

Apr 2014
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