The Most Admired Amenities for Apartment Hunters

Young couple celebrating moving to new homeBack in the day, all that apartment hunters cared about what how many bedrooms and bathrooms they got for their money. But these days apartment hunters are spoiled with amenities and knowing that there is the option of something better means they are going to want the most bang for their buck. While some amenities attract a lot of renters, there are others that renters don’t care about. It is important to know what amenities your renters are looking for so that you can ensure you attract more tenants to fill your vacancies.

Washer and Dryer in the Unit or Hookups

Most tenants want accessibility and want a unit that makes their life easier. If you have washer/dryer hookups or washer and dryer units in each apartment, you’re a step ahead of the competition. In a recent study, apartment renters stated that they were looking for apartments that had laundry in the unit itself.

Furnished Units

Some apartment dwellers don’t want to hassle with buying furniture for their space, which is why more hunters are looking for apartments that are already furnished. They can move in and out without ever dealing with a moving van or buying new furniture.


Dishwashers go hand-in-hand with washer/dryer options. Tenants don’t want to wash their dishes by hand, so if you don’t have dishwashers in your units, it is time to think about installing them.

Walk-In Closets

Apartments are known for having limited storage, but those apartments that offer walk-in closets are a step ahead of the competition. A lot of apartment hunters are looking for units that have larger, more accessible closets for all of their stuff.

Pool and Gym

Offering a swimming pool and gym for your tenants keeps them in the community and gives them something to do. While you can’t just construct a pool, you might be able to turn one of your community areas into a gym.

Air Conditioner

Southern California is hot. If you don’t have air conditioning in your units, it’s time to add it. Most tenants want to be comfortable where they live, which means they’re looking for apartments that have air conditioning as a standard amenity.

Updated Interior

While an updated interior is not an amenity, it is an attraction. Outdated, old or ugly looking apartments don’t fill as fast as those that have been updated. Change out vanities, refinish the countertops in the kitchen and paint cabinets from natural wood to a bright white. Tenants want apartments that feel clean and modern – not outdated and used.

Apr 2014
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