5 Benefits to Downsizing Your Long Beach Apartment Square Footage

couple at their new empty apartmentWhen you first signed for your apartment, you had big plans. So you wanted the extra square footage and the spare bedroom. But now that your lease is ending, it’s time to decide whether or not you should downsize or stay where you are. There are some surprising benefits to downsizing your apartment and if you’re on the fence, consider the benefits of getting a smaller place first.

You Save Money

In Long Beach, rental rates aren’t cheap. So if you’re looking to save some money each month, downsizing to a smaller apartment can do it. But, you’re not just saving on your rental payment each month — you’re also saving on utilities when you have a smaller apartment. If your rental insurance is based on square footage, you’ll save money there too. And, if you have been living on a tight budget, that extra savings could go a long way.

More Money Savings Means More Opportunities for You

Whenever you have more money in your budget, there are more opportunities. Perhaps you have been dying to go to more concerts, and now you have the extra cash to do so. Maybe you have wanted to join a gym, but didn’t have the cash. By reducing your rent and expenses, you can afford that gym membership — who knows maybe the smaller apartment unit will come with a community gym.

Your Chores Are Downsized Too

If you’re not the type that enjoys housework, you’re in luck. When you downsize your apartment, you also downsize your chore list. Instead of two bathrooms to clean, you just have one. Instead of a living room and dining room, you have one common living area to clean up. It’s simple: the less square footage you have, the less you have to clean.

It’s An Opportunity to Downsize the Clutter Too

It’s easy to stock up on clutter and useless items when you have the square footage to spare. But, if you downsize to a smaller unit you can use that opportunity to downsize the clutter too. You won’t make as many unnecessary purchases for your home either — because now that you are in a smaller unit, you won’t have the extra storage space for them. This may help you save money too.

Organization is a Breeze

Organizing a bigger space isn’t always easy. But, when you downsize and reduce the clutter, your organization becomes easier. Also, you’ll be forced to use more space-saving creativity when you do organize the new apartment.

If you have been on the fence about downsizing, consider the benefits. In Long Beach, the savings of moving from a two bedroom to a one bedroom could be considerable. 

Apr 2014