Just Moved to Los Angeles? A Few Tips for Getting to Know the Area

forsalesignYou’re fresh into LA, welcome to southern California! The city of Los Angeles is really a package of multiple areas, which can make it quite intimidating if you’re not used to busy metropolitan areas. But, Los Angeles really isn’t too hard to figure out — as long as you know the basics. So, to help you get acquainted with your new neighborhood, we have a few tips for starting out in LA.

The Half Hour Rule

In Los Angeles, you can usually get from one end to the other in about a half hour. But, that’s when the freeways and streets are working in your favor. If you are trying to cross LA during rush hour, add a few hours to that mix to be more accurate. But, the good news is if you’re late in Los Angeles and just say it was traffic, most people understand.

Stick to the Streets — Avoid the Freeways

Los Angeles freeways — which are up to seven lanes wide in some areas of the city — are notorious for standing still during certain hours of the day. If you want to get anywhere, you’re better off staying on the city streets than hitting the highways. If traffic scares you or you just don’t like the idea of sitting at a standstill for long periods of time, then embrace walking — you’d be surprised how many Los Angeles natives walk everywhere they need to go.

No, You Really Won’t See Movie Stars

People come to Los Angeles with the assumption that they will see famous Hollywood actors at their local grocery store or they’ll accidentally bump into Cameron Diaz at Starbucks. No, it’s not true. Los Angeles has a booming population and the chances of you running into Hollywood’s finest in your neighborhood are slim to none — they have assistants to run errands for them. But, if you do happen to see one, use the proper etiquette and don’t bug them. Only the tourists bug actors out and about.

Weather, What Weather?

California is known for the consistent weather. If you’re worried about what you’re going to wear to work every day, keep it cool. California maintains a standard temperature of 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit on most days. Sure, they get the occasional chilly day, but these are few and far in between.

But, earthquakes are another story. They don’t have a season and they do hit unexpectedly. But, California has dozens of earthquakes every day you don’t feel — and the ones you do feel more like you’re rocking back and forth than a violent jolt.

Just Blend with the Rest of Us

In LA, it’s easy to spot someone that doesn’t belong. If you’re getting many looks on the streets or people are talking to you like a tourist, it’s time to change the way you look. You’ll notice most LA residents stick to jeans, t-shirts and sunglasses.

Apr 2014