Five of the Best Los Angeles Areas to Rent In That You Don’t Know About

Downtown Los Angeles As Seen From MacArthur ParkThe rental rates are on the rise in Los Angeles, but not everywhere. Regardless of how much you’re paying, you want an area that is great to live in — not just save you money. Los Angeles is vast and has plenty of neighborhoods to offer. But, it is all about finding those that have entertainment, accessibility and affordability.

North Hollywood

North Hollywood is part of the valley region of LA. While it doesn’t look like it has much to offer, it does have some affordable places to rent. In the NoHodistrict, you can rent next to the up and coming places of LA, including the art district, amazing theaters and some of the best galleries LA has to offer. And, you might be able to get a one bedroom, one bath unit for under $1,000.


The name makes it sound really expensive, but you would be surprised at how affordable Westlake is. This area is cutting-edge and it is growing fast, so now is the time to lock in a good rate if you want to be here when it explodes. You’ll find some of the best cuisine in Korea Town and if you are a night owl, the nightlife in Westlake is some of the best in LA. You’ll find apartments and townhouse apartments that are affordable too — for under $1200.

St. Andrews Square

St. Andrews Square got a bad reputation a long time ago, but it is the place to be if you want affordable rent and something to do. West of Third Street you run into this small area of LA that is low crime (compared to most regions in the area) and borders some of the nicer regions of LA. Consider it a go-between. You have access to the best food, shopping and everything in between here, and the rent won’t kill your budget.

Wilshire Vista

This thriving community features old school apartments that have been renovated, taco stands and cafes that you won’t find anywhere else in the area. If you are a foodie, this is the place you want to relocate to. And, it isn’t a budget-breaker. You are likely to find a one-bedroom apartment at an affordable rate and three bedroom, two bath duplexes are just a little over $2,000 per month.

Del Rey

This area is LA’s best-kept secrets on the west side. Most people don’t realize everything Del Rey has to offer — until they move there. You’ll find affordable rent and you’re just a mile away from the beach — making it a prime location.

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