You’ve Signed Your Lease, Now What?

a fountain pen and a signature on yellow paper. symbolic photo fYou have already found the perfect apartment and you’ve signed the paperwork. There are still a lot of things you need to consider, and time is most likely not on your side – especially if you’re moving in the next couple of weeks. So, it is time to prioritize and get certain to-do’s off your list before the moving day.

Schedule the Move

This is the first and most important thing on your to-do list. Everything will depend on when you move – utilities, etc. So, set the date and make sure you clear it with your new apartment. Some apartments don’t allow moving on certain days (such as no moving on a Sunday).

Set Up Cable

If you plan on having cable or satellite at the new apartment and it’s not included in the rent, you are going to need to set it up before you move. Some companies have a back log of up to two weeks, so now is the time to schedule. Call and schedule an appointment, but don’t have them come on moving day – the last thing you need to deal with is a cable installation while trying to unload boxes.

Don’t Forget Internet

In most cases you can get internet through your cable TV provider, but if you are doing satellite TV, you might need internet from a different company. Set up the appointment as soon as you can, since some internet providers can take days to bring out the equipment and set up your new account.

Set Up Electricity, Water and Gas

Water might be included in your monthly rent, but if it’s not, you need to call the city and let them know the water should be turned on. This might require you to go down to the city physically to fill out a form (since not all areas use online services). Also, you’ll want to start your natural gas and electricity accounts if they aren’t included in your rent.

Change Your Address

Now that you have utilities set up and out of the way, you need to change your address. Contact the Department of Motor Vehicle and change your address for your driver’s license. Not doing so could result in a fine, so do this right away. Next, contact all of your credit cards and banks to change your address. You may have to go through a verification system to change your address, which could take a few days. Last, change your address with the post office. This will automatically reroute any mail you forgot to your new address.

Moving to a new place is a lot more than just packing some boxes and scheduling a moving van. You need to be prepared for the move and that means take a few days or weeks before to get everything set up. The more you do ahead of time, the less panicked and stressed you’ll be on moving day.

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