How to Decorate Your Apartment and Not Leave Nail Holes

Adding holes to the walls of your apartment might mean no security deposit back — depending on what it says in your lease. Luckily, you can cover up drab walls without ever picking up a nail and hammer. After all, you are going to live in this space for a few months (maybe longer), so you still should be able to personalize the space.

Make a Self-Adhesive Collage

There are self-adhesive sheets you can pick up at craft stores. These peel off without taking paint with them, but have a firm grip and could stay up for years if you let them. Tape collages to the non-sticky side of your sheet, then peel and stick for a frame-free collage.

Use Brick Clips

If you are living in an older apartment, you might have some exposed brick on the wall. Brick clips attach to the brick without leaving a trace and allow you to hang your favorite pictures – including heavy frames— without risking your security deposit.

Command Hooks

You have seen the commercials and it’s true, Command Hooks do the job. Just make sure you buy the variety for hanging photos — they come with different strength levels. You can use these hooks for your pictures, towels, dog leases, etc.

Use Putty

Poster putty has been around for years — in fact, you likely saw it in school. It helps you stick pictures and posters to the wall, but comes off without a trace. If you use the right amount, you can hold up clocks, wall art and even pictures. It’s also helpful if you’re hosting a party and need to hang a few decorations.

Try a Straight Pin

Straight pins will put a hole in your wall, but it will be so small no one will ever notice it is there. Straight pins are also strong enough to hold up clocks and picture frames. Just push it gently into the drywall at a 45-degre angle. If you are living in an older building, make sure you’re not dealing with lathe and plaster — otherwise you’ll tear a hole in the wall using the straight pin method.

Use an Easel or Keep Frames on Tables

If all else fails, you can use decorative easels or just keep your frames on the desk and table. While it might not add a lot of character, it won’t risk your security deposit.

Try to Spackle

If you did accidentally leave some holes in the wall, you can always cover them up and paint over them. But, be careful and make sure you use the right color paint. There is nothing more obvious than mismatched paint to tell the landlord you did a patch job.

May 2014