How to Make Your Apartment Community Greener

Modern town houses of brick and glass on urban streetThese days more apartment hunters are looking for apartment communities that embrace the “green life”. While they do as much as they can to be green in their own life, they are more prone to rent from a property owner that shows an equal concern for the environment. In fact, a recent survey showed that 72 percent of consumers think it is important a business use sound practices to protect the environment— so if your community isn’t green, it doesn’t look to good for your reputation.

But, how can you go green without breaking the community budget in the process? Luckily, there are ways to take your apartment community to the green side — and some are a lot easier than you might think.

Create a Community Recycling Program

Recycling is an easy way to get your community more green. In fact, in Los Angeles you could receive tax credits for starting up a recycling program in your apartment building — if you aren’t legally required to do one already. Renters who care about the environment will be welcomed to the idea to recycle. All you have to do is order up some recycle bins and keep them around the community so residents can recycle their trash.

Have an Electronics Pick Up Day

Environmentally conscious consumers know that electronic waste is harmful to the environment. Schedule an electronics pick-up day by an electronics-recycling firm. These companies are equipped to breakdown electronics so they can be disposed of in an environmentally sound manner. You can host this day once a year or three times per year to give your residents more opportunities to recycle.

Use Green Cleaners and Pesticides Around the Community

Green cleaners can be used around you community and especially in your community areas. If you have a pool, use a green cleaning method for your pool area. Also, for your gardens, use environmentally friendly pesticides (which are easy to find these days).

Give Out Green Welcome Gifts

Instead of giving out random gifts to new tenants, consider environmentally sound gifts, such as reusable shopping bags, plants or reusable water bottles.

Stop Using Paper

A lot of apartment communities are switching to paperless. That means paperless account statements, email newsletters instead of paper newsletters left on tenant doors and even digital signs outside. You can set up online payment systems too so that your renters can pay online and not worry about writing checks.

May 2014