What You Should Be Putting on Instagram for Your Community Marketing

Architect Showing New House ProjectInstagram is a valuable tool for apartment managers. It helps build up your apartment presence and can even create a following. But, what do you post to Instagram? This social sharing network is all about pictures, so you have to be cautious about what you put up and what you leave out. You’re not looking to create a digital brochure, but more of a way to entice viewers to come check out the property or visit your website. If you don’t have an Instagram account, they are free and it’s time to sign up for one. Then you’ll want to use the right photos to start attracting your future tenants.

Take Advantage of the Seasons

When the seasons change, they can change the look of your community (for the good). Take advantage of those seasonal shots and get pictures of your signs, landscape and even flowers growing on the property. Have a pool that just opened for the summer? Get some photos and show them off on Instagram— and use it as a way to announce the pool is open to those tenants that are following you on Instagram already.

Show Off Your Green Skills

If you are trying to attract those eco-friendly renters out there, there is no better way than showing off your green side via Instagram. Show off the green cleaners you’re using, plants you have added and other steps you’re taking to go green. Hosting a recycling party or just added new recycling bins? Add pictures of those too.

Your Pet-Friendly Side

If you allow pets, you want to show that off in your Instagram photos. Capture moments of pets on your property and share them with your followers. Because a lot of renters just assume apartments aren’t pet-friendly, you might be able to snag those that didn’t realize you were a pet-friendly building.

Your Staff

Your staff is literally the face of your company. They are who tenants deal with and interact with, so don’t forget to include pictures of them. Make sure you get them in action, such as showing an apartment or repairing a tenant’s air conditioner. The more of your awesome staff you show, the more personable your community will seem to potential renters.

Events Hosted at Your Community

If you have events you host at your community, you need to include those in your Instagram photos. For example, you’re planning a summer BBQ for your tenants — snap a few photos and throw them up on Instagram to show what fun other renters are having being at your community.

May 2014
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