Tips for Touring Your First Apartment

Happy smiling couple moving into first new homeAs a first time renter, you’re going to have a lot of walkthroughs. But, do you know how to properly tour an apartment? While you might think everything looks good, how much time did you actually spend during your tour? It takes a little extra time to properly inspect a potential apartment, but by taking that time out of your day, you can ensure you get an apartment that suits your needs.

Check Out the Appliances

Your apartment is most likely going to come with a range, dishwasher and refrigerator. Check them all out, turn them on and make sure they’re working. There’s nothing worse than getting an apartment with a broken appliance.

Open the Closets, Cabinets and Drawers

You can tell a lot about an apartment just by looking in the storage spaces. First, you want to make sure you’re getting an apartment that can hold all of your stuff. See how deep the closest are, how many drawers you have to work with in the kitchen and the storage for food. What seems like a lot of cabinet space can fill up quick when you have dishes and pantry items to store. So make sure you’re not going to have to store a lot of your stuff on the counters.

Check Out the Layout

An apartment’s layout is important. You want something that will fit your furniture, but also make sense. See where the cable outlets are and whether or not you can move them —some apartments won’t let you relocate them and they won’t work with your furniture. Also, see how many outlets there are and the amount of space for your bedroom set.

Check for Signs of Poor Maintenance

Some apartments look great but don’t have the proper maintenance done. Look for signs of mold in the bathroom, especially on the ceilings and in the bathroom. Water stains on the ceiling are an indicator there is a leak somewhere in the roof. Also, if the apartment has a funny smell — cigarette smoke, pet urine or mildew — you will want to look somewhere else. Check out the carpets for extensive stains too — if the managers are OK renting a unit with filthy carpet, what else are they OK renting out?

Check Out the Community Areas Too

You like the apartment, but what about the rest of the complex? Visit the rental office, any community areas and even check out the pool and parking lot. How much space is there for visitors? Is there street parking or do you have a private parking lot?

May 2014