Five Ways to Turn Away Potential Renters

Apartment Lease SignYou might have an attractive advertisement, but if you aren’t doing all that you can to keep interested renters at your property long enough to sign a contract, your vacancy rate could remain high. There are some things about apartments that turn away potential renters for good. So, if you’re looking to fill those vacancies, make sure your apartment complex isn’t committing one of these five turn offs.

Bad Smells

Any type of bad odor will turn someone away from a property. Things like pet urine or feces, backed up sewage, cigarette smoke and other odd odors are a few things to look out for. If you are noticing foul odors in your apartments or in the community center, hire a company to do a thorough cleaning — possibly steam clean the carpets, rugs and walls too — to get rid of it before showing it to potential renters. Nothing leaves a more positive impression than clean smells.

Having Carpeted Bathrooms

Carpeting in the bathrooms went out in the 80s. If you see carpet in the bathroom, you think of everything that carpet can absorb — including fungus, mold, etc. Do your renters a favor by removing carpet. It will not only make units more appealing, but also reduce the likelihood you have to hire mold abatement services in the future.

Appliances That Don’t Work

People rent so that they don’t have to buy appliances or worry about repairing them — that’s the property manager’s job. But, if you have a unit with broken appliances or appliances missing, it’s unlikely a potential renter will take the apartment. Broken appliances tell renters that you don’t take care of your units or your renters’ needs.

Gross or Dirty Carpets

It’s likely your apartment units will have carpeting. Potential renters won’t care why the carpets are dirty, but if they are dirty, it tells them that you don’t’ regularly clean or require renters to care for their carpets. Have carpets regularly cleaned, especially in leasing offices and new units. If the carpets cannot be cleaned thoroughly, then replace them.

Inadequate Storage

Apartments don’t always have adequate storage. While there are some things you cannot fix, you can add extra storage for your renters through storage units. This can be included in the rent — which is more appealing to renters than having two rental payments. If you can, modify the interior of units to maximize space — especially if the units come with a small square footage.

May 2014
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