How to Create Better Blog Posts for Your Apartment Community

Image of female touching virtual icon of social networkAs a property manager, you know the importance of keeping up a blog. It helps promote your brand, keep residents informed, and makes your apartments a little more personal. But to keep your tenants (and hopefully prospective tenants) reading your blog, you need catchy posts. Here are a few tips to help you create better, more tenant-focused blogs.

Know Your Target Audience

Think about your target reader. Most likely, your readers will be current tenants, but you may have a few prospective tenants keeping up to date on your blog too. If you’re not sure what types of posts your tenants want, create a survey and ask the top ten things your tenants want to read.

Create Killer Titles

Your title ultimately determines whether someone will read the blog post. So, make sure you use blog titles that get their attention. That might mean using a controversial title or just using a list approach, such as “5 Ways to Create Better Blogs”.

Make Your First Paragraph the Attention-Getter

Your readers aren’t going to bother reading your entire blog if the first paragraph is boring. Make the first paragraph really count and keep it catchy. It should sum up what the reader is about to get if they read the entire post. Some ways you can make that first paragraph more interesting can include:

  • Asking a question
  • Sharing a statistic
  • Presenting a common issue your tenants are likely looking for an answer to.

Break It Up and Make It User Friendly

Have you ever opened a website or blog and found nothing but a wall of text? That’s not interesting or easy to read. Break up your blog posts using small paragraphs, but also use subheaders to really grab your reader’s attention. That way they know what they’re getting in each paragraph.

Keep It Conversational

The purpose of having a blog for your apartment community is to really speak to your readers — your tenants. So, write as though you were speaking to them in person and keep it interesting. Readers shouldn’t feel like they’re getting a lecture and your posts should be written in the first or second person — never in the third.

Use SEO Effectively

Your posts will need some keywords and a stellar meta description to get the attention of search engines too. By using SEO and ranking in the search engine results, you can attract people who aren’t tenants and encourage them to read your blog as well, which could help fill your vacancies faster when they pop up.

May 2014
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