7 Great Places to Get Moving Boxes

Moving Cardboard Box Hand TruckYou’ve found that perfect apartment, but now it’s time to move. Sure, you could buy boxes, but who wants to pay for a box? Luckily there are plenty of ways to get free moving boxes – and you’d be surprised how easy they are to come by. If you’re lucky, just one stop at one of these locations will load you up for the full move – if not, you still have seven other places to choose from.

Ask on Craigslist

People give away moving boxes on Craigslist all the time – especially in southern California where recycling is important. See what there is on Craigslist. Even the people that charge for their boxes only ask a few cents per box.

Check Out Work

Your work is likely to have plenty of boxes, and if you start the hunt early, you could get all of the boxes you need to move. From paper boxes to supplies, look around the dumpsters and recycling bins to see what you can find.

Visit Retailers

Local retailers get shipments and they have plenty of boxes to spare. Ask your local shops if they have any boxes they don’t need and they will happily unload them onto you.

Be Social

There’s nothing wrong with hitting up social media to ask friends, family and acquaintances about boxes. You would be surprised how many people have them in their garage and need to unload them. Put the word out early though – that way you can catch everyone before they make it to trash day.

Visit Recent Movers

Know someone who moved recently? Most likely they have a box or two lying around that they don’t mind giving away to your move.

Go to the Grocery Store

Grocery stores get shipment daily. If you ask the customer service desk for some spare boxes they are likely to have more than enough to help you move. Check the back of your grocery store in the recycling bin too – you’re likely to find a stack all neat and broken down for you.

Ask Your Leasing Office

Your leasing office (current or new) may have boxes from their own supplies or ones that movers have left behind. There’s no harm in asking.

Visit the Post Office

Post offices offer free boxes and you can even ask your mail carrier to leave them at the door. Go for new boxes instead of the used ones behind the post office though – because used boxes aren’t as sturdy.

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