Ready to Move to a Smaller Apartment? A Few Tips for Making the Transition

Happy couple carrying boxes moving into new home apartment houseDownsizing an apartment can prove to be very beneficial — not only will you save on rent, but you’ll save on utilities and reduce the clutter. But, making the transition from a larger apartment to a smaller one still takes a little work. You have a lot of decisions to make, like whether or not to put your excess in storage for a bigger home down the road, sell it or donate it. The challenge will be downsizing your life in general; that way everything fits into your new, more affordable space.

Keep What You Really Love, Get Rid of the Rest

When you’re downsizing, you want to maximize the savings benefits. If you have to pay a monthly storage fee for a storage unit, you’re really not saving that much money. So, downsize everything and only keep what you really love and cannot live without. These times can be stored in a smaller unit or might even fit in the new place — that way you don’t have to spend extra money just to save money.

Declutter Your Closet

Many people have a closet full of clothes that they rarely wear. Use the time for downsizing as an opportunity to get rid of all of those clothes you don’t use. If you haven’t worn it in a year, it is likely you won’t wear it again — so donate it, give it to a friend or sell it online if you can.

Get Furniture That Has Multiple Functions

When you have a smaller unit, you need furniture that doesn’t take up space without offering some sort of function. Find furniture that has multiple uses, such as a small table that can extend into something bigger; a couch that folds out into a bed; an ottoman that has secret storage. The more double-duty your furniture is, the easier it will be to squeeze into less square footage.

Declutter Before You Pack

There’s no point in moving everything to the new place before you downsize it. Instead, go through everything before you pack and decide what will go, what will be donated and what can be thrown away. This not only means less boxes to carry on moving day, but less hassle when it comes time to pack.

Decide How Much Space You Really Want

You have a smaller unit, so how much of that space do you want your personal items to take up? The more cluttered your rooms are, the less space you will feel like you have. So, if you can, try to maximize the space by not cluttering the new apartment — that might mean getting rid of more furniture and personal items that you initially thought.

May 2014
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