Five Expenses Apartment Dwellers Can Axe

No more debtThose small monthly expenses can add up over time — making it harder to pay your bills or even save money. While there are expenses you cannot easily cut — utilities, grocery or rent — there are other non-essential expenses that every apartment dweller can live without.

Cable TV

If you don’t need it, why pay for it? Cable bills can be up to $200 per month and most people don’t even spend enough time watching it to justify the payment. If you are struggling to pay your other bills, try cutting the cable and using a cable-alternative app or streaming service. If you really don’t watch TV that much, cut the streaming too. You would be surprised how much money you’ll save. Yes, it might seem weird going without TV, but once it is gone, you might notice how much more you have to take up your time.

Quit the Beauty Salons

It’s alright to get your haircut, but if you’re visiting the salon monthly to have your nails, eyebrows and hair fixed up, maybe it is time to cut back. You can even visit local beauty schools to have your haircut — these usually only charge $10. It might be scary to have a student cut your hair, but rest assured they have instructors with years of experience watching over them.

Quit Smoking

Cigarettes are expensive and unhealthy. Buying even just a pack a day equals about $150 per month. Use that money elsewhere, like toward paying off your debts, buying food, etc. Plus, your overall health will improve when you quit smoking.

Don’t Add to Your Current Credit Card Debt

Stop using your credit cards. If you can’t afford to pay cash for your dining out or going to the movies, it is time to stop doing them until you can. Using credit cards means you’re adding to your monthly expenses, but also adding the amount you really pay for those activities — thanks to your interest rate.

No More Eating Out

Eating out is expensive, while cooking at home can save you big. For example, dining out for dinner could cost you $15 to $20 each time — while for that much you could serve up a whole day’s worth of meals at home.

It’s not always easy giving up what you really love to save some money, but once you do give it up and notice you have more funds in the bank account, you’ll quickly see why people cut unnecessary expenses.

Jun 2014