Things to Consider When Looking for Kid-Friendly Apartments

Happy Family At HomeNot all apartment complexes are kid-friendly. In fact, some are designed for young adults or single individuals. Finding a kid-friendly apartment is a big priority when you’re relocating. You need an apartment that suits a growing family, but also provides you with a safe environment to raise your children. When looking for apartments, there are some things that are better for families with children. Consider these tips first for finding the perfect kid-friendly unit.

Safety First

It’s not just the apartment that has to be safe, but the neighborhood too. Will your child be walking home from school? Do they have to cross through dangerous parts of town or busy streets to get home? Also, check for safety features at the apartment complex, like a gated pool to prevent drowning, a well-constructed balcony, etc. There should be common areas for your children to play, but they should be childproof and safe.

Proximity to Schools and Physicians

How close is the apartment to your child’s school? If they get sick, will they have a long drive to the physician’s office? You need an apartment that is close to your work, of course, but also close enough to school and the doctor’s office.

Kid-Friendly Amenities to Look For

There are some amenities that make apartment living with kids a little easier. Some amenities you may want to look for include:

  • Swimming pool (with gate)
  • Playground
  • Play area
  • Closeness to library or park
  • Daycare center or closeness to a daycare center

Neighbor Considerations

While you cannot control your neighbors in an apartment complex, you can talk with your apartment manager about the type of neighbors you will have. You want people who also have kids. If your apartment complex has only a couple of families, it may be difficult to keep your neighbors happy or understanding at the noises your children are likely to make. Stick with complexes that have a lot of children and families present if you can.

Finding an apartment with kid’s means putting some of your own needs aside and making sure the needs of your children are met. While you might not see apartment living as a permanent thing, you still need your children to be safe, comfortable and happy while you are living in an apartment. By taking your time to find a kid-friendly unit, the entire family can enjoy the lease term. 

Jun 2014