Pool Etiquette For Renters  

Modern Apartments With Swimming PoolsJust because you have a pool at your apartment doesn’t mean you can go wild. The heat outside certainly makes you rush over to the pool to enjoy, but before you do, do you know the proper etiquette? It’s likely your pool already has some ground rules, but there are also etiquette rules most renters aren’t aware of. So, to avoid any embarrassments or confrontations with other renters, make sure you follow these rules too.

Know the Rules Already in Place

Your apartment already has some rules. Check your lease or look for rules posted outside the pool area and always adhere to those. Not listening could result in you losing pool privileges. If you have guests sharing the pool with you, make sure they follow those rules too. It is your responsibility to ensure everyone that enters the pool area under your name follows the rules.

Always Clean Up After Yourself

If you bring snacks and drinks to the pool area (and it’s allowed), make sure you clean up after yourself. That means picking up your trash and throwing it out, cleaning up any spills and not leaving crumbs for ants to find. If there is a poolside grill, clean it out so it’s ready for the next person.

Be Courteous with Sunscreen

We don’t mean share your sunscreen, just remember there are other people at the pool when you put it on. Spray-on sunscreen, while convenient, can get everywhere. Make sure no one is standing by you or move to an area of the pool that you won’t spray others while spraying yourself. Even better, spray it on at home before even coming out to the pool.

Don’t Give Out Your Key

The key to your pool area is your responsibility; therefore don’t give it out to anyone. Also, sharing the key to public areas like this could be a violation of your lease and could result in you being evicted. If friends or family want to go to the pool, go with them.

Make Sure Your Kids Aren’t Bugging Others

Your kids are there to have fun, and they should. But make sure that fun isn’t at the expense of others. If your kids are running around, splashing or screaming, make sure they quiet down and respect others who are there with them.

Pool Attire Should Be Tasteful

String bikinis might show off your figure, but they could offend others at the pool. Make sure to keep the pool attire tasteful and appropriate for all ages.

Keep Music Low

You can listen to music, but keep the volume low or wear headphones so that you don’t disrupt your other pool-goers.

Jun 2014