Tips for Getting the Apartment You Want in a Fast Market

Keys and handsThe rental market is booming. If you have been searching for a new place, you know that apartments come and go. And, the best apartments are the hardest to snag. There’s nothing worse than finding the apartment that works great for you only to realize that it is taken just a few minutes later. But, apartment hunting doesn’t have to be a rushed game. You can still find the apartment you want without feeling like you are pressured by time in the process.

Use Multiple Search Methods

IF you are only searching for apartments online, then you are missing out. Yes, online researches are the most accurate, but you still should be calling the apartment complex to follow up on if the units are still available. Get in touch with the property manager, schedule an appointment and use all of your resources. If you just assume that an online listing means the apartment is still available, you could miss out.

Wait Until You’re Ready to Move

A lot of people start hunting for their next apartment too early. They can’t move for a few months or just a few weeks, and apartment manager are not going to hold an apartment for that long. Only start hunting for apartments when you’re actually ready to move. Sure, give yourself a week or two to find something new, but don’t bother looking too early — because what you see this month is likely to be rented and gone by next month.

Be Prepared and Ready to Rent Now

When you show up to see an apartment, already have your application, reference, pay stubs and even your security deposit ready to go. That way if you like the apartment you see you can apply for it now. Apartment managers wont’ hold an apartment while you get your paperwork or funds together — and if someone were to see the apartment minutes after you leave and sign up for it, then you’re out of luck.

Don’t Negotiate

When the rental market is moving fast, you can’t waste time negotiating with the property owner on price. But, if an apartment has been vacant for a while, the property owner may be more willing to work with you. In a fast paced market, avoid any exceptions or asking for any special treatment, because there is likely a renter out there that won’t give the property owner as much hassle — and that means you’ll miss out on an apartment because you were trying to haggle.

Jun 2014