Should You Rent a Duplex?

Young adults moving in new homeWhether you have rented before or this is your first time finding a rental property, deciding the type of property to rent can be just as daunting as finding the right one to move into. You have options, such as condominiums, townhomes, duplexes, etc. But, a lot of renters aren’t sure which the right one for them is. Some people feel that apartment complexes aren’t private enough or don’t give them as much freedom, which opens the door to duplexes. But, before you decide that you want to rent a duplex, you may want to consider if it is the right move for you.

Pro: You Get More Privacy

Yes, with a duplex you have a lot more privacy than an apartment. That is because you usually only share one wall, you aren’t living on top of one another and you may even have a yard. So you won’t feel as though you are sharing every ounce of your living space with someone else.

Pro: You Have Outdoor Room Too

Duplexes typically have a front yard or even a back yard. So this means you have more community space to get outside and you might even be able to have room for the kids to go play. But, you might also be in charge of maintaining that yard — double check with your property owner if you’re not the type to do lawn care.

Pro: You Don’t Share Community Areas

When you rent a duplex, you’re not sharing community items. You will probably have your own laundry room inside the duplex as well, which means you don’t have to worry about doing your laundry with 20 or more other apartment dwellers.

Con: On-Site Maintenance Crews are Gone

When you rent in an apartment complex there is usually an on-site maintenance crew. That means if something breaks, you have someone there who can fix it for you right away. But, if you rent a duplex, you could have to wait for the landlord to dispatch help — and it might mean a day or two depending on the issue.

Con: It Costs More

Duplexes cost more, mostly because they are private. So if you are on a tight budget, you might want to consider an apartment rather than a duplex. Also, you will pay more in utilities and rental insurance compared to an apartment. You’ll have more space to heat and cool, more water (especially if you are paying to water the lawn), etc.

Jun 2014