Five Things to Consider When Looking at New Apartments

Couple have found a new homeApartment hunting can easily become overwhelming. From the endless listings to visiting properties in person — you have a lot going on at once. You may have a list of things you want or would like to get in a new place, but there are some essentials that you might be overlooking. Before you sign on anything, here are five things you should consider when choosing a new place.

Location Matters

It may be an awesome apartment, but how long of a commute do you have to work each day? Figure out how long it takes to get to work as well as how much that commute will cost you in gas. You may also want to drive around and get a feel for the neighborhood. See how far away grocery stores are, gas stations and even your favorite eateries.

Is It That Comfortable?

You can easily be won over by all of the amenities, but how is the living space? Does it have a comfortable layout that is functional? Don’t sacrifice comfort for a few flashy amenities. It is important to have a space that you want to live in — not a space that is just all about the amenities.

What About Cellphone Reception?

While cell technology has come a long way, there are still dead zones. You would be surprised at how many apartment complexes have little to no service inside their units. If you can’t use your cellphone while inside your apartment, what good will that do you? Going outside just to get a signal isn’t worth it — regardless of how much money you’re saving.

What’s the Laundry Situation?

Laundry has to be done somehow. So when you’re looking at apartments, consider the laundry situation. Do they have a laundry room on site? If so, what’s it like. Visit the laundry facilities, check out the machines and see how they work. If the room has a bunch of out of order machines, you could be sharing one or two units with over 50 residents. Also, if laundry is on the opposite side of the complex, consider how much of a hassle laundry might be.

Walk Away and Think About It

It is best to visit an apartment, write down everything you like and don’t like, then walk away. Think on it overnight or at least walk away for a few hours. Consider what you like (such as amenities, proximity to work, etc.) and then make sure the things you don’t like make it still worth it.

By considering all of your bases and taking time to really mull it over, you can get an apartment that you’ll enjoy for the term of your lease — if not longer.

Jun 2014