5 Things That You Will Simply Adore about Mission Viejo

MissionViejoMission Viejo is a fantastic city located in the southern side of Orange County, California. Home to less than 100,000 people, this city encompasses mostly residential areas, but also counts a few businesses and offices within its limits. Known for its tree-lined, quiet neighborhoods, Mission Viejo will stun you with at least 5 positive elements:

1. Low Crime Rates. Looking for a decent and quiet place that you could call home? Would you love to live in a small city where the odds of getting mugged are minimal? If so, pick Mission Viejo. According to CQ Press, it is the safest Californian city and the third safest in the U.S. In case acts of violence scare you more than anything else in this world, consider opting for one of the many attractive Mission Viejo rentals to raise your kids in a secure, nurturing environment.

2. The Weather. Those who are planning to move to Mission Viejo may want to pack some sunscreen. The weather here is nice most of the time, with mild temperatures and gentle sunrays during the entire year. The climate will always encourage you to dedicate more time to fun, leisure activities and stimulate you to become a real outdoor enthusiast.

3. Diverse Services and Recreation Opportunities. Did you know that Mission Viejo is home to the biggest hospital in the southern side of Orange County? Mission Hospital is known as a reputable regional trauma center. One other hospital located in this area provides premium care for kids, and the Norman P. Murray Community and Senior Center could turn out to be an oasis of relaxation for your elderly.

4. A Man-Made Lake and Gorgeous Views. If your idea of paradise involves a gorgeous house on the lake, picturesque surroundings and amazing floraand fauna, then you’ve come to the right place. Lake Mission Viejo is a man-made translucent gem located in the city center, featuring swim beaches, condominiums, boat rentals and custom waterfront properties that are anything but cheap. All in all, even if you can’t afford to buy or rent a place in this area, you could still fill your lungs with fresh air, sit on the silky green grass, organize a picnic or enjoy the coolest water sports. It’s up to you how you spend your spare time. One thing’s certain though: Lake Mission Viejo hides some of the most attractive real estate jewels that are worth every single cent, mostly because they display an alluring old-meets-new style and send a very welcoming vibe.

5. The Local Real Estate Market. Want to rent a superb home in Mission Viejo? If so, act fast to get the best deals while they’re still hot. A small apartment in this city could be priced anywhere from 1,200 to 1,500 dollars/month.  A condo for rent could cost you around $2,700 per month, so Mission Viejo could be the ideal place for you if you plan to retire comfortably in a natural corner of heaven.

Jul 2014

Could You Actually Afford to Live in Long Beach, California?

Long Beach HarborLong Beach is a beautiful city from the Los Angeles County, situated in southern California. The land of the tanned bikini bodies, upscale shopping centers and clean, sandy beaches, this city will also amaze you with different categories of local attractions, daytime and nighttime entertainment options and fairly priced accommodation alternatives. But the million dollar question is this: could you really afford to relocate to Long Beach or would this move threaten your precarious financial balance? Let’s put things in perspective.

Estimating Daily Expenses That You May Have to Cope with in Long Beach, California

Using an online calculator, you can estimate the average cost of living for any American city that may interest you, including Long Beach California. You can actually determine and compare price tags attached to different items and services that you pay for on a daily basis, including a restaurant meal for X people, groceries, coffee, or several essentials that you may have to purchase every once in a while, like shoes and clothing items for instance. Using this info you can find out whether or not relocating to Long Beach, California would be a smart move for you and your family. Overall, the cost of living in Long Beach is estimated at 157.90, a bit higher than 100, representing the U.S. average.

Keeping an Eye Open for Career Opportunities in Long Beach, California

You should know that Long Beach is one of the most prominent maritime centers in the United States. It supports the thriving oil industry, due to its many wells placed both offshore and underground. Some of the most renowned local manufacturing sectors revolve around home furnishings, audiovisual equipment, auto parts, aircrafts and electronic equipment. This city also headquarters many reputable giant corporations, like Molina Healthcare, Epson America and SCAN Health Plan and many others. This could only mean one thing: the variety of awesome job opportunities available in this area will allow you to build a solid career from scratch, pay your bills on time and support a more than satisfactory lifestyle.

Analyzing the Local Real Estate Market

Once you takea closer look at several online listings, you realize that most Long Beach accommodation options are not as expensive as you though they would be, considering their superb location. As a matter of fact, you could always find a decent apartment on Locust Ave, Pine Ave or Clair Del Ave, which won’t cost you more than 1,500 dollars a month.

Bottom line: Long Beach, California is a great place to start a family, pursue a new job opportunity or simply start fresh in an urban area with amazing storefront accommodation options, gorgeous views and exciting leisure activities. While life in Long Beach, California is definitely not for the financially challenged individuals, it can meet and even exceed your expectations as long as monitor your expenses on a regular basis and take advantage of the amazing employment opportunities that this area has to offer to a specialized workforce.

Jul 2014

How to Discover Huntington Beach in Style  

Surf City Huntington Beach PierIf you love absolutely fabulous beach resorts and want to get the celebrity treatment during your next holiday, or simply wish to work on your surfing skills and relax under the hot Californian sun, choose to spend as much time as possible in Huntington Beach. This tiny corner of paradise is a prosperous Orange County-based seaside city from southern California.

Named after Henry E. Huntington, an influent American businessman, this urban hot spot for tourists has everything it takes to please even the pickiest visitors: from clean, welcoming beaches to awesome storefront hotels, endless shopping venues and adrenaline-filled water sports. Wondering how you could upgrade your annual travelling experience and leave all worries behind? Here are 3 tips that you should apply to perfect your Huntington Beach holiday without making huge investments.

1. Rent a Car. Huntington Beach encompasses a wide selection of natural and man-made wonders. If you don’t want to hop on a bus or spend a small fortune on taxi rides to discover all these wonders, consider renting a car. For a few dollars spent on a decent rental you could avoid major inconveniences that could impact your vacation mood.

2. Plan in Advance. Unlike other holiday destinations that only have the sun, sand and waves by their side and can only amaze tourists with a very limited category of local attractions, Huntington Beach will always encourage you to stay busy during all your trips here. You have many things to see, so you’d better plan your holiday in advance to check out all the coolest locations that may be on your list.

For instance, Huntington Beach Pier is the perfect place where you could enjoy a prolonged romantic walk with your loved one. Here you can contemplate awesome views and admire one of the most sublime sunsets you were ever able to witness. In case surfing is one of your biggest hobbies, make sure you don’t miss the famous annual U.S. Open of Surfing. Even if you can’t afford to spend big bucks on a luxurious accommodation option, this doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t see the opulent Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort with your own eyes and dream about living the life of the insanely rich and famous at least for a few days. A visit at the International Surf Museum will allow you to find out more about your favorite sport and enhance the educative potential of your trip. Last but not least, if you love animals and would give just about anything to discover the local floraand fauna without endangering an already fragile ecosystem, don’t hesitate to visit BolsaChica Ecological Reserve, a wonderful place designed to protect the coastal wetland.

Start Your Discount Hunt. As your summer vacation is getting closer and closer, start analyzing different weekly, daily or monthly offers provided by discount-friendly websites like Groupon, for instance. From cheap massages to discounted ski jet rentals, these sites will help you beautify your holiday without throwing money out the window. In case you are looking for budget-friendly Huntington Beach housing options and wish to stay in this area for a longer period of time, choose to go for a cheap but satisfying vacation rental, rather than booking your usual hotel room.

Jul 2014

3 Things That You Should Check Out Before Moving to Glendale, California

Keys and handsAt some point, many families decide to make a huge change and break the tiresome routine by relocating to a different city. If this idea has been on your mind for quite some time now, you could try to picture your life in Glendale. This beautiful city located in the vibrant Los Angeles County is one of the safest, cleanest and most inviting urban Californian regions.

Don’t move to Glendale just because you’ve heard many good things about it. While it is perfectly true that Glendale’s top schools, welcoming communities, notable points of interest and classy neighborhoods have already attracted many newcomers, you should invest plenty of time and energy in your own research, to identify the main aspects that could turn Glendale into the right home for you and your family. But how can you actually decide whether or not Glendale could be a good pick? Here are a few elements that you should consider before making a final call.

1. Online Maps and Calculators. Online maps will enable you to get more familiar with the most amazing points of interest located in Glendale California. Did you know that the Forest Lane Memorial Park is one of the most peaceful and well-known cemeteries in the U.S.? Numerous deceased Hollywood celebs have found their eternal peace here, and this site is visited by 1 million tourists on an annual basis. Moreover, venues and facilities like Glendale Venue Center, Alex Theater and Brand Park are 3 other fantastic options ensuring unforgettable leisure opportunities.

By simply placing your finger on the map you could spot different landmarks, calculate distances and spot the trendiest neighborhoods. In addition, online calculators will allow you to determine the overall cost of living in Glendale and find out if you could actually afford to start fresh in this city.

2. City Reviews. Several website like Yelp for instance, encourage their readers to write accurate city reviews that usually turn out to be pretty useful, especially if you want to move to a city that you are not really familiar with. Detailed reviews constitute a great starting point for a potential home hunt and let you weigh the pros and cons associated with your upcoming relocation.

3. The Local Real Estate Market. Several tools available online can give you the most accurate median home price by state. Use these aids with confidence to be able to estimate the value of your future mortgage payments. If you feel that you can’t afford to buy a new roof over your head, don’t worry! Glendale will surprise you with a plentitude of upscale, 100% affordable housing options. For instance, did you know that a superb 360 square feet apartment located on Piedmont Ave could cost you only 900 dollars per month? Spacious condos are priced anywhere from $2,400 to $3,000 and up, while bigger, better houses could take around 3,900 dollars out of your pockets on a monthly basis. All in all, Glendale has a very special something for everyone, and lets you identify and compare different accommodation options tailored to fit different budgets and lifestyle choices.

Jul 2014

5 Things That You Need to Know about Fremont, California Before Relocating Here  

Port Of Stockton At SunsetDo you want to be as close as possible to Silicon Valley, enjoy picturesque views and start a new life in a beautiful Californian city where you could get an awesome job and rent or buy a fantastic property? If this sounds pretty much like your plan for the next 20 years, consider relocating to Fremont, California. This city has attracted many top-rated players in the IT field and has recorded a major boom in employment.

Approximately 750 companies were headquartered here, including Lam Research and Mattson Technology; some of them still keep their gates open and strive to attract a specialized workforce by advertising tempting job openings. Does this mean that Fremont could be the perfect destination for you and your family? It all depends on your expectations. If you want a good job, a superior education for your kids and an overall tranquil life in a decent neighborhood, Fremont can make your dream come true. Here are 5 things that you should know about this city before packing your stuff and calling the movers.

1. The Ghostly Hitchhiker Dressed in White Won’t Bother You on the Roads of Fremont

If you have seen your fair share of horror movies, chances are that you are already familiar with the legend of the lady in white killed by a driver on the side of the road. What you may not know is that allegedly this tragedy took place in Fremont. Naturally, this story is founded on hearsay and will never be backed by locals. Still, it may be prudent to avoid giving a lift to strangers dressed in white, pastels or any other color for that matter.

2. Fremont Loves Spices!

Have you ever felt the need to spice things up a bit and try something new? Well, apparently all Fremont residents have a taste for spicy food. You can find numerous Indian restaurants in this city and enjoy a great variety of mouthwatering specialties.

3. Fremont Doesn’t Like Smokers

Perhaps you have been trying to ditch nicotine for quite some time now. In case you plan to quit smoking, note that Fremont will always support your goal. According to an article published by Reader Digest, less than 10% of Fremont’s population is represented by chimney puffers. Therefore, if you want to become more health-conscious and live in an area ensuring an improved indoor and outdoor air quality, start by checking out the best deals on the local real estate market.

4. Fremont Lets You Relax in the Middle of Nature

Lake Elizabeth represents a major attraction for both residents and tourists. Near the lake you can jog with your neighbors, feed the noisy, always hungry ducks, play Frisbee with your pup or organize a picnic with your friends and family. How much better could your life get on a Sunday like this?

5. Fremont Lets You Find Fantastic Accommodation Options

Fremont is all about cool districts and amazing properties for rent of for sale. A single-family home may cost you anywhere from 2,600 dollars to 5,500 dollars per month. Fremont may not be the home of the cheapest rentals, but it will let you enjoy the highest level of comfort and safety, as well as the ongoing happiness fueled by the tiny things in life that money can’t buy.


Jul 2014