Debunking Myths Related to Relocation and a New Life in Californian Suburbs

Happy smiling couple moving into first new homeRadical changes are usually tough on everybody. When it comes to moving to another city or state, you usually have lots of things on your mind and stress levels can skyrocket easier than expected. You have to sell your house, find a new place to rent or buy, pack all your belongings and kiss your old place goodbye. On top of that, you are also exposed to a wide range of myths and misconceptions that could influence your final decision or leave you confused and indecisive.

There are many untrue stories built around California’s sunny suburbs. Most of them are extremely farfetched and ridiculous, and still manage to intimidate and even ward off potential buyers. Here are some of the most insane (yet incredibly common) bedtime stories that you may want to ignore from now on.

1) You Have Nothing to Do There. You’ll Get Bored to Death. As a matter of fact, most Californian suburbs provide countless entertainment options and allow you to enjoy a breath of fresh air, not every once in a while but on a daily basis. Growing roots in a sunny suburb is not like camping in Mongolia for an indefinite period of time. Wherever you may choose to settle down in California, you would be close enough to restaurants of all sizes, fantastic parks, bistros, nice cafes, high end retailers and elegant boutiques. At the end of the day, what more could you ask for?

2) This Change Will Inevitably Affect Your Lifestyle in a Negative Manner. Changes can be good, especially if they are 100% justifiable. All in all, regardless of what may have determined you to rent a house in California, in the suburbs, here you’ll be able to shop, discover new hobbies, bond with other people, get agreat job and start a family, just like in any other environment. There are no hidden traps or major restrictions that you should factor in before renting or buying a place in the suburbs.

3) It’s Almost Impossible to Find a Good Job There!Speaking of job opportunities, rumor has it that building a solid carrier here is some sort of mission impossible. False! As a matter of fact, most locations, including Belmont and Foster City located in San Mateo Country have been recently ranked among the top booming Californian suburbs, mostly due to their ever-growing job sector, as well as their magical hillside position and bustling, small-scale downtown. In addition, you can always work from home as you are waiting for the company of your dreams to knock on your door and make you an offer. As telecommuting and freelancing are gradually revolutionizing the workplace, you have no legitimate reason to think that a potential relocation could kill your professional aspirations.

4) Your Kids Will Hate It (and Hate You for Making Them Move!) Not true! Californian suburbs are nice, welcoming environments where your kids will get the chance to connect with children their age, make new friends and benefit from the best education. It’s like summer camp; the only difference is that fun lasts 12 months in the suburbs.

Jul 2014