4 Great Reasons to Start Fresh in California

Smiling Woman Looking Out WindowStatistics tell us that California is the most densely populated American state. You may ask: What’s so special about life in California? Truth be told, this sunny state with its large, welcoming communities, world-class cities including San Francisco and Los Angeles, gorgeous beaches, great entertainment options, beautiful parks, affordable plastic surgery and Old Hollywood glam, give us all something to talk and dream about. Looking for solid grounds to quit your boring day job, pack your bags and buy the cheapest ticket to Cali? Here are 4 excellent reasons that could justify your radical decision.

First Reason: The Weather Is Amazing Year-Round. If you love beach sports, friendly temperatures andextended shopping sessions in elegant shorefront boutiques that are open year-round, then you’ve come to the right place. In the depths of a paralyzing winter that would freeze your enthusiasm in most American states, California welcomes you to with a 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21.1 degrees Celsius) average temperature.

Second Reason: California Is the Home of Gorgeous Accommodation Options. California offers you the chance to explore a truly diverse real estate market. Here you will most likely be able to spot the most amazing rentals in no time. From elegant and petit studios located near the city center to multimillion dollar mansions with pools, gyms and spas and affordable 4-bedroom chic homes located in the booming suburbs, California has it all and will definitely make it easier for you to identify the most convenient properties for rent or for sale that you can actually afford.

Before making a final call, make sure your potential relocation won’t compromise your fragile financial balance. Using different online sources, you can actually calculate your expenses and determine the average price of all your future purchases, including a restaurant meal for all your family members, a pair of designer sports shoes or a monthly membership at a local fitness center.

Third Reason: California Lets You Get Closer to the Stars. In Cali, you never know who you’re going to bump into. You could be waiting in line for your coffee right next to a reality show star on the rise, or you could spot Lindsey Lohan late at night in one of the trendiest clubs and restaurants. Want to see how celebs actually live their lives? Buy a map, surf the Internet and go for a long walk. As we speak, you may be 1 mile away from the most amazing celebrity homes without even knowing it.

Fourth Reason: California Turns Your Dreams into Reality. The entertainment business is not what it used to be. In some cases, huge stars are born overnight and social media networking websites play a decisive role in the matter. Justin Bieber owes his rapid ascension to YouTube and this is only one example worth mentioning. In Los Angeles, waitresses can be converted into trending celebs in no time. Here you can find awesome day jobs, take acting classes ensured by some of the most prestigious schools in the areaand pursue your dreams. All in all, Cali gives you more than a few good reasons to ditch your boring lifestyle and try something refreshingly different.

Jul 2014