3 Things to Consider Before Moving to Anaheim

balmy-november-eveningRelocating to another city or state is never easy. You have to pack and move your personal belongings, contact half a dozen realtors and start looking for a new place that you could call home. Throughout the entire process, you may be bothered by 10 million different questions like: Am I making a smart move here? Will I be able to adapt to a new environment? Will I manage to get a great job/apartment for rent or sale in this new city? In case you are getting prepared to start a new life in Anaheim California, all the answers to these hypothetical questions are most likely affirmative.

Anaheim is the second biggest city in the sunny Orange County. It is home to more than 336,000 residents and has gained quite a bit of fame due to its amazing convention center, sports teams and delightful theme parks. Is Anaheim right for you and your family? When in doubt, just take a closer look at the 3 most important things that you should factor in before making a final call.

Are You Ready to Start Fresh in a Densely Populated Urban Area?

If you want to retire comfortable in a place where you could hear crickets 24/7 and enjoy your sweet isolation without being bothered by noisy neighbors and kids, then life in Anaheim may not be your cup of tea. After all, Anaheim is the 54th most densely populated American city and encompasses a great variety of communities and neighborhoods. On the other hand, if you love the cool vibe of a Californian city, just rent or buy a place in Downtown Anaheim, located in the center of the Colonial District.

In this area you’ll find the highest concentration of tourist attractions, including the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce, the Anaheim West Tower, the City Hall, the Main Library, Anaheim Ice, the Center Street Promenade and the local Farmer’s Market.

Can You Afford to Rent or Buy a Property in Anaheim?

Analyze the cost of living and make sure your future expenses won’t overbalance your budget. Take various elements into consideration, including expenses associated with groceries, housing and health care. According to recent statistics, Anaheim’s cost of living is up to 4% less than California’s average. At the same time, it is up to 26% bigger than the current national average. Take a closer look at properties that are currently listed on the market. There are many amazing 2 and 3-bedroom home that won’t cost you more than 1,300 per month. Take the time you need to compare price tags and make an educated decision.

Does Anaheim Match Your Current Lifestyle Choices?

Chances are that Anaheim will be to your entire liking. After all, how many Californian cities can offer you the chance to live in the immediate proximity of Disneyland Resort, Adventure City and the Anaheim Plaza, one of the biggest retail centers of the region? Whether you like to shop till you drop, relax in the middle of nature, visit the coolest amusement parks or enjoy the supreme wining and dining experience, Anaheim has everything covered.

Jul 2014