3 Keys to Starting a New Fulfilling Life in Irvine, California

Happy loving family playing on the beachSometimes, people just feel the need to leave their old lives behind and explore new possibilities. If you are also dying to relocate to another city, consider moving to Irvine. There are plenty of reasons that could justify your decision. Irvine is a fantastic planned city that ranks among some of the hottest Californian destinations due to its sound economy, friendly Mediterranean climate, low crime rate and beautiful people.

Want to make the most of your new life and avoid pitfalls associated with your relocation? Here are 3 tips that will keep your safe and happy in Irvine.

1) Do Your Homework

Surf the internet and get the general info that you need to know about Irvine. Home to approximately 223,000 people, Irvine is a good place to raise your kids, buy a house and enjoy your retirement. Irvine’s mission statement is to develop and maintain a thriving community where all residents can work, live and play in a safe, appealing and vibrant environment. What more could you ask for from your new home?

Irvine has some of the most renowned public schools in California, tons of amazing residential housing options and many job positions requiring the skills of specialized workforce. Due to these factors, Irvine was ranked by CNNMoney.com as the 4th best U.S.-based place to live.

Irvine is also one of the American cities with the biggest median income and the lowest violent crimes rate. Known as a hot and extremely convenient location for movie projects and the place where many top businesses Allergan, Inc., BAX Global, ATEN Technology, Inc. and Boot Barn are currently headquartered, Irvine will always give you something to brag about.

2) Find a Cheap Rental

Before setting foot in Irvine, the first thing that you should do is to find a convenient housing option. For instance, a 2-bedroom apartment with a total surface of approximately 900 square feet located in this city would cost you around 1,700 dollars a month. This may sound like a lot of money, but Irvine will also enable you to find a well-paid job, so paying rent will be one of your last concerns.

3) Hire a Realtor to Spot and Compare the Hottest Deals

Worried that you may have a hard time trying to compare offers and price tags and decipher the mysteries of the local real estate market? If so, just get expert advice from a competent realtor. A competent, dependable professional will enable you to uncover the hottest properties before they hit the market. You may also stumble across friendly professionals who will offer you expert info on different key points of interest, such as commuting routes, weather, best restaurants in town, hottest local entertainment alternatives, most convenient discount stores and so on. All in all, contacting a realtor may be a smart move, especially if you don’t have a lot of time and money on your hands and you’re in a hurry to find a new good roof over your head in Irvine.

Jul 2014