3 Exciting Things to Explore in Berkeley, California

California Pigeon point Lighthouse in Cabrillo Hwy coastal highwNamed after George Berkeley, the renowned 18th century philosopher and bishop, Berkeley is a small corner of paradise that you should explore at least once during your lifetime, especially if you plan to move to a city located in the Alameda County, California. You may be wondering: why should I choose this relatively tiny city situated in the eastern part of San Francisco Bay, when I can focus on finding a decent rental or property for salein a much more glamorous city, like Los Angeles for instance.

Truth be told, Berkeley should never be considered a second pick, a last-resort option or a consolation prize. It has so many attractions that it will keep you charmed and busy on a daily basis. Moreover, since its real estate market is pretty approachable, you won’t have to get a second job here just to be able to pay rent. Here are 3 major things that you should check out in this city.

1. A Wide Range of Notable Points of Interest

Whether you like to relax in nature, go to fantastic concerts or take advantage of the finest wining and dining alternatives, Berkeley will definitely live up to your expectations. Home of the Berkeley Rose Garden, Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Berkeley Marina, Hearst Greek Theatre that hosts the annual jazz festival and the Berkeley History Center, Lawrence Hall of Science and the Regional Parks Botanic Garden, Berkeley ensures unlimited access to various local attractions designed to please all your loved ones, regardless of their age, taste and interests.

2. The Local Real Estate Market

In Berkeley, every house hunt is a beautiful story. Here you can stumble across beautiful, renovated buildings located in decent neighborhoods, attend open houses, make new connections and find affordable rentals and properties available for sale. If you can afford to spend anywhere from 1,950 dollars to 3,000 dollars a month on a gorgeous Berkeley rental, rest assured knowing that your money will be well spent.

3. The Neighborhoods

Take the time you need to get familiar with Berkeley’s diverse neighborhoods. For instance, Downtown Berkeley is the famous commercial core of the city. The Southside neighborhood actually represents a so-called student ghetto and encompasses some of the most convenient housing options that one could find in this zip code. South Berkeley is famous for its flea market, organized during weekends at the Ashby Station. The North Berkeley neighborhood is considered a real paradise by locals and tourists who are constantly looking for a good bite to eat. This area displays the highest concentration of food-related companies and chic restaurants, where you wouldn’t have break the bank to be able to afford a decent meal. Home to 112, 580 residents, Berkeley is known as one of most politically liberal American cities. All in all, it gives you plenty of things to do and allows you to start fresh in a fantastic Californian city where you won’t remember how it feels like to be struck by boredom.

Jul 2014