3 Excellent Reasons to Move to Chula Vista

third_avenue_pride_0_0Chula Vista hardly needs an introduction. The name of the city (“Beautiful View”) says it all. Home to approximately 250,000 residents, Chula Vista is the second biggest city in the San Diego County. Located in the heart of an environmentally diverse zone, Chula Vista is renowned for its panoramic views, but also for its fantastic trails, canyons, mountains and rolling hills. A leader in conservation and eco-friendliness, Chula Vista is the perfect place where you could start a cleaner, greener life surrounded by your loved ones.

If you are interested in relocating to this Californian city, keep reading to discover 3 extra reasons to start packing.

1. Chula Vista Is an Oasis of Relaxation

As soon as you set foot in Chula Vista, you leave your worries behind. In this city you can embrace new hobbies, enjoy the fresh air and admire miles-long trails, mountains and coastline flora. In the city of Chula Vista you’ll finally feel encouraged to burn those unwanted pounds, as you will most likely be able to bond with hundreds of bikers, runners, outdoor enthusiasts and hikers who are making the most of every single inch of available space to stay active, fit and healthy.  The Chula Vista Marina & Yacht Club is always welcoming Living Coast Discovery Center boaters and kayakers and may be the perfect spot for an unconventional family reunion. If you are a big fan of ecosystems and wildlife, don’t forget to spend some time at the Living Coast Discovery Center and the Sweetwater Marsh National Wildlife Refuge.

2. Chula Vista Is a Real Hot Spot for Foodies and Shopaholics

Naturally, you cannot contemplate a beautiful view on an empty stomach. For this reason, Chula Vista is encouraging both tourists and residents to experience the true wonders of the local cuisine. This city has not one, but two fabulous malls that will address all your needs and demands in terms of entertainment, shopping and fine wining and dining. Encompassing at least 100 different top-rated stores, the gorgeous Otay Ranch Town Center represents a conveniently located outdoor facilitate where you could check out the hottest new arrivals, swipe your credit card during an exciting shopping spree or enjoy a great cup of coffee and a hearty lunch or dinner. This gigantic shopping destination also comprises outdoor cafes, a spacious food pavilion, as well as a dog park and a pet-friendly site.

3. Chula Vista Offers You a Generous Collection of Housing Options

Want to find a small house for rent in Chula Vista, California? Or perhaps you are actually looking for a huge house that could accommodate all your six kids and pets. Not a problem! Chula Vista lets you discover an amazing variety of housing options that carry reasonable price tags ranging from 1,650 dollars to 3,500 and up. For instance, a 2,987 sq. ft. home with 5 bedrooms and 5 baths, located on Thompson Ave would only cost you around 3,300 dollars per month. All in all, Chula Vista is not only beautiful; it is also safe, incredibly eco-conscious and diverse and has everything it takes to become your new home.


Jul 2014