3 Things to Do in Fontana, California

romantic couple eating ice cream at parkSituated in the beautiful San Bernardino County, California, Fontana was founded in 1913. Until the end of the World War II it was known mostly as a rural community. Things started to change right after the war, when a prosperous entrepreneur decided to build a huge steel mill in Fontana. At this point, this region constitutes a major regional hub for the trucking sector and encompasses different categories of prominent points of interest, including a municipal park, a historic theater that has undergone ample renovations, classy restaurants and high-end hotels.

Home to a little over 200,000 people (according to the U.S. 2012 Census) Fontana is the 14th most densely populated city in the state of California. It can be considered afabulous holiday destination and also represents the tranquil place where you could start to grow roots. Wondering how you could spend your spare time in Fontana in the most enjoyable manner? Here are a few suggestions that may raise your interest.

1. Book a Table at a Fancy Restaurant. Who would be willing to discover the gems of a gorgeous Californian city on an empty stomach? If you can afford to spend some time relaxing in a delightful environment and are actually craving forawesome local specialties, note that Fontana-based restaurants offer you a generous selection of mouthwatering delicacies inspired by the American, Mexican and Thai cuisine. At Panera Bread you could taste the most incredible pancakes dipped in sweet maple syrup.  In case you’re dying to sample some fresh Thai goodies, just book a table at KhunYai Asian Grill. The options are endless, so proper planning could enable you to keep your stomach satisfied.

2. Boost Your Adrenaline Levels. Fontana is also the home of Exotics Racing, Auto Club Speedway and Sierra Lakes Gold Club. These are only three of the most popular entertainment alternatives ensured by this city. Gold is always fun, but if you’re more fond of supercars and would love to testdrive one of the most magnificent jewels of the auto industry, go for a drift ride at Exotics Racing and get ready to memorize all the details that could become amazing material for your grandsons’ bedtime stories.

3. Find the Most Attractive Housing Options with or without a Realtor. Fontana is the perfect place to start a family and settle down. Depending on your finances and long-term plans, you could either buy or rent a place here. In case you don’t feel prepared to make a huge investment, you could still profit from incredible deals by renting a property in this area. Monthly rates won’t burn holes in your pockets. As a matter of fact, you could probably spot a decent 3-bedroom house priced at 1,500 dollars per month and located on Filbert Street as we speak! In general, a Fontana rental can cost you anywhere from 1,500 to 2,950 and up, which is pretty good, considering that it’s not really easy to find ridiculously cheap rentals in most Californian cities.

At the end of the day, decently priced rentals, tons of local attractions and fine wining and dining options will most likely convince you to start fresh in Fontana without any type of unnecessary baggage.

Jul 2014