3 Things to Do in Fontana, California

romantic couple eating ice cream at parkSituated in the beautiful San Bernardino County, California, Fontana was founded in 1913. Until the end of the World War II it was known mostly as a rural community. Things started to change right after the war, when a prosperous entrepreneur decided to build a huge steel mill in Fontana. At this point, this region constitutes a major regional hub for the trucking sector and encompasses different categories of prominent points of interest, including a municipal park, a historic theater that has undergone ample renovations, classy restaurants and high-end hotels.

Home to a little over 200,000 people (according to the U.S. 2012 Census) Fontana is the 14th most densely populated city in the state of California. It can be considered afabulous holiday destination and also represents the tranquil place where you could start to grow roots. Wondering how you could spend your spare time in Fontana in the most enjoyable manner? Here are a few suggestions that may raise your interest.

1. Book a Table at a Fancy Restaurant. Who would be willing to discover the gems of a gorgeous Californian city on an empty stomach? If you can afford to spend some time relaxing in a delightful environment and are actually craving forawesome local specialties, note that Fontana-based restaurants offer you a generous selection of mouthwatering delicacies inspired by the American, Mexican and Thai cuisine. At Panera Bread you could taste the most incredible pancakes dipped in sweet maple syrup.  In case you’re dying to sample some fresh Thai goodies, just book a table at KhunYai Asian Grill. The options are endless, so proper planning could enable you to keep your stomach satisfied.

2. Boost Your Adrenaline Levels. Fontana is also the home of Exotics Racing, Auto Club Speedway and Sierra Lakes Gold Club. These are only three of the most popular entertainment alternatives ensured by this city. Gold is always fun, but if you’re more fond of supercars and would love to testdrive one of the most magnificent jewels of the auto industry, go for a drift ride at Exotics Racing and get ready to memorize all the details that could become amazing material for your grandsons’ bedtime stories.

3. Find the Most Attractive Housing Options with or without a Realtor. Fontana is the perfect place to start a family and settle down. Depending on your finances and long-term plans, you could either buy or rent a place here. In case you don’t feel prepared to make a huge investment, you could still profit from incredible deals by renting a property in this area. Monthly rates won’t burn holes in your pockets. As a matter of fact, you could probably spot a decent 3-bedroom house priced at 1,500 dollars per month and located on Filbert Street as we speak! In general, a Fontana rental can cost you anywhere from 1,500 to 2,950 and up, which is pretty good, considering that it’s not really easy to find ridiculously cheap rentals in most Californian cities.

At the end of the day, decently priced rentals, tons of local attractions and fine wining and dining options will most likely convince you to start fresh in Fontana without any type of unnecessary baggage.

Jul 2014

3 Amazing Opportunities That You Shouldn’t Miss Out on While Living in Corona, California

lakeCorona, California is a relatively small city with a total surface of 38.930 square miles and a little more than 158,000 residents, located in the Riverside County, California. Its friendly Mediterranean climate, fast development, sound economy and countless real estate jewels have turned Corona into a magnet for tourists and families seeking a new home in an amazing Californian city. If you already live in this city or plan to visit it soon, keep reading to discover 3 of the most important things that you should put on your “to do, see and experience” list.

1. Try a Great Variety of Tasty Dishes in Local Restaurants

Don’t bring extra food supplies with you. In Corona you won’t have to spend a lot of time cooking, simply because there are more than a few excellent local restaurants that could satisfy all your cravings. Luna Modern Mexican Kitchen lets you taste fresh, spicy Mexican delicacies, while Kabot Hutt invites you to get more familiar with the interesting Persian cuisine. Book a table at your favorite restaurant and sharpen your senses to enjoy the supreme wining and dining experiences.

2. Contemplate Various Historic Landmarks

Corona may seem like a dull city where nothing could ever help you prevent boredom, but the truth is that those who share this ideaare terribly wrong. As a matter of fact, Corona is all about sightseeing tours, beautiful surroundings, extraordinary leisure activities, remarkable landmarks and a virtually endless list of points of interest that are worthy of your attention.

For instance, Corona Heritage Park and Museum is a very low-key location that is just perfect for families with kids. Here you can get familiar with the enchanting history of this city while relaxing in a nice and cozy environment. If you like fast vehicles and adore car races more than anything, don’t forget to check out the famous Pole Position Raceway. Your children will love it! In case you are fonder of long rifle experiences and you would rather perfect your shooting skills, just go to the Mike Raahauge Shooting Range, an outdoor sports complex that will drain the energy out of you and leave you relax and totally satisfied. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys the rural charm of small communities, don’t hesitate to visit Tom’s Farm and try the awesome Asian Chicken Salad or the legendary Swiss Burger. Buy fresh products and sample the candy provided by local stores.

3. Rent or Buy a Cheap Home in Corona, California

Housing accommodations can make or break your stay. From this point of view, Corona may surprise you with hefty rates associated with most of its real estate beauties. After all, this city has been targeted by celebrities since the early 80s, mostly due to its elevated level of privacy and upscale areas. Lucille Ball and DesiArnaz used to live here, on their ranch located in the southern part of Corona. Don’t worry though; if you can put around $2,300 aside on a monthly basis for rent, you could definitely find an elegant house or studio matching your unique criteria.

Jul 2014

3 Excellent Reasons to Move to Chula Vista

third_avenue_pride_0_0Chula Vista hardly needs an introduction. The name of the city (“Beautiful View”) says it all. Home to approximately 250,000 residents, Chula Vista is the second biggest city in the San Diego County. Located in the heart of an environmentally diverse zone, Chula Vista is renowned for its panoramic views, but also for its fantastic trails, canyons, mountains and rolling hills. A leader in conservation and eco-friendliness, Chula Vista is the perfect place where you could start a cleaner, greener life surrounded by your loved ones.

If you are interested in relocating to this Californian city, keep reading to discover 3 extra reasons to start packing.

1. Chula Vista Is an Oasis of Relaxation

As soon as you set foot in Chula Vista, you leave your worries behind. In this city you can embrace new hobbies, enjoy the fresh air and admire miles-long trails, mountains and coastline flora. In the city of Chula Vista you’ll finally feel encouraged to burn those unwanted pounds, as you will most likely be able to bond with hundreds of bikers, runners, outdoor enthusiasts and hikers who are making the most of every single inch of available space to stay active, fit and healthy.  The Chula Vista Marina & Yacht Club is always welcoming Living Coast Discovery Center boaters and kayakers and may be the perfect spot for an unconventional family reunion. If you are a big fan of ecosystems and wildlife, don’t forget to spend some time at the Living Coast Discovery Center and the Sweetwater Marsh National Wildlife Refuge.

2. Chula Vista Is a Real Hot Spot for Foodies and Shopaholics

Naturally, you cannot contemplate a beautiful view on an empty stomach. For this reason, Chula Vista is encouraging both tourists and residents to experience the true wonders of the local cuisine. This city has not one, but two fabulous malls that will address all your needs and demands in terms of entertainment, shopping and fine wining and dining. Encompassing at least 100 different top-rated stores, the gorgeous Otay Ranch Town Center represents a conveniently located outdoor facilitate where you could check out the hottest new arrivals, swipe your credit card during an exciting shopping spree or enjoy a great cup of coffee and a hearty lunch or dinner. This gigantic shopping destination also comprises outdoor cafes, a spacious food pavilion, as well as a dog park and a pet-friendly site.

3. Chula Vista Offers You a Generous Collection of Housing Options

Want to find a small house for rent in Chula Vista, California? Or perhaps you are actually looking for a huge house that could accommodate all your six kids and pets. Not a problem! Chula Vista lets you discover an amazing variety of housing options that carry reasonable price tags ranging from 1,650 dollars to 3,500 and up. For instance, a 2,987 sq. ft. home with 5 bedrooms and 5 baths, located on Thompson Ave would only cost you around 3,300 dollars per month. All in all, Chula Vista is not only beautiful; it is also safe, incredibly eco-conscious and diverse and has everything it takes to become your new home.


Jul 2014

5 Ways to Find the Most Attractive Rentals in Bakersfield

Right Facing For Rent Real Estate Sign Over Clouds and Sunny SkySituated only 110 miles away from Los Angeles and Fresno, Bakersfield is a good place to start a family, get a good job, find a convenient accommodation option and live life to the fullest. But when you live far away from this city, identifying the most attractive rentals and properties for sale can be quite a challenge. You don’t know have any ties in this areaand this is a major disadvantage; nonetheless you can eliminate this drawback by simply doing some research. Here are 5 foolproof waysin which you can get familiar with the local real estate market without losing a wink of sleep.

1. Read the Local Newspapers. Check out the local newspapers (both printed and online versions) and go to their ad section. Here you may be able to find fabulous apartments and houses for rent or for sale. Bakersfield.com, Bakersfieldcalifornian.com and TurnTo23.com are three excellent sources of information that offer you all the details that you may want to know related to different topics, including sports, local events and businesses and real estate.

2. Talk to People. If you wish to move to Bakersfield, you may want to start by enjoying a short vacation here. While you’re in this city, put your networking skills to good use. Go to a club. Attend a party. Talk to newspaper vendors, mailmen and clerks. There are the individuals who could help you find decent housing alternatives in your price range. In some cases, a knowledgeable newspaper seller who is overly talkative may be as informed as a real estate agent.

3. Check Online Listings. Surf the Internet to find the best Bakersfield accommodations that you would be able to afford. Use search engines and enter different key phrases (name of your favorite neighborhoods, zip code or type of rental) to conduct a more effective digital home hunt. While checking out rental directories, you could refine your search by specifying the selection criteria that are important to you, like for instance, the number of bedrooms/bathrooms, number of square feet, area, or price tag.

4. Go for a Drive. A drive or a longer walk will allow you to clear your head and reduce the stress triggered by your relocation process. Moreover, it will also enable you to identify for rent or for sale signs located in front of homes that may interest you. Next, you would just have to establish a meeting with the owner of the property, see the property, ask the right questions and sign on the dotted line.

5. Hire a Realtor. If you can’t waste any time finding a new home in Bakersfield and would rather let someone else handle the house hunt, hire a realtor. A specialist will be able to discover some of the best rentals that are in your price range. On top of that, you may also need expert advice when it comes to selecting the most adequate schools, commuting routes, neighborhoods and stores, so don’t hesitate to count on the insight of a truly dependable specialist who could make your relocation a whole lot easier.




Jul 2014

3 Exciting Things to Explore in Berkeley, California

California Pigeon point Lighthouse in Cabrillo Hwy coastal highwNamed after George Berkeley, the renowned 18th century philosopher and bishop, Berkeley is a small corner of paradise that you should explore at least once during your lifetime, especially if you plan to move to a city located in the Alameda County, California. You may be wondering: why should I choose this relatively tiny city situated in the eastern part of San Francisco Bay, when I can focus on finding a decent rental or property for salein a much more glamorous city, like Los Angeles for instance.

Truth be told, Berkeley should never be considered a second pick, a last-resort option or a consolation prize. It has so many attractions that it will keep you charmed and busy on a daily basis. Moreover, since its real estate market is pretty approachable, you won’t have to get a second job here just to be able to pay rent. Here are 3 major things that you should check out in this city.

1. A Wide Range of Notable Points of Interest

Whether you like to relax in nature, go to fantastic concerts or take advantage of the finest wining and dining alternatives, Berkeley will definitely live up to your expectations. Home of the Berkeley Rose Garden, Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Berkeley Marina, Hearst Greek Theatre that hosts the annual jazz festival and the Berkeley History Center, Lawrence Hall of Science and the Regional Parks Botanic Garden, Berkeley ensures unlimited access to various local attractions designed to please all your loved ones, regardless of their age, taste and interests.

2. The Local Real Estate Market

In Berkeley, every house hunt is a beautiful story. Here you can stumble across beautiful, renovated buildings located in decent neighborhoods, attend open houses, make new connections and find affordable rentals and properties available for sale. If you can afford to spend anywhere from 1,950 dollars to 3,000 dollars a month on a gorgeous Berkeley rental, rest assured knowing that your money will be well spent.

3. The Neighborhoods

Take the time you need to get familiar with Berkeley’s diverse neighborhoods. For instance, Downtown Berkeley is the famous commercial core of the city. The Southside neighborhood actually represents a so-called student ghetto and encompasses some of the most convenient housing options that one could find in this zip code. South Berkeley is famous for its flea market, organized during weekends at the Ashby Station. The North Berkeley neighborhood is considered a real paradise by locals and tourists who are constantly looking for a good bite to eat. This area displays the highest concentration of food-related companies and chic restaurants, where you wouldn’t have break the bank to be able to afford a decent meal. Home to 112, 580 residents, Berkeley is known as one of most politically liberal American cities. All in all, it gives you plenty of things to do and allows you to start fresh in a fantastic Californian city where you won’t remember how it feels like to be struck by boredom.

Jul 2014