Finding the Cheapest Rentals in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills sign in Hollywood, Los Angeles against a blue clouIf you are unhappy with your life, perhaps it may be time to make a radical change. Leave your worries behind, pack your bags and move to the sunny state of California. Here you’ll manage to find everything you may be looking for: fabulous beach houses, bikini bodies, extraordinary night-time entertainment options and breathtaking surroundings. As this weren’t enough, the weather in California will always give you the impression that your entire life is a never-ending vacation. In case you crave for a little bit of luxury and would give just about anything to replicate the lifestyle of your favorite celebrities, consider relocating to Beverly Hills. With a little time and patience, you will most likely be able to find top rentals that won’t force you to break the bank to get a new roof over your head.

Why Move to Beverly Hills?

Beverly Hills is one of the most alluring gems of the state of California. In short, this is where all the action takes place. Surrounded by West Hollywood and Los Angeles, Beverly Hills is home to only 34,290 residents. Known mostly by one of its ZIP codes, 90210, due to one of the most popular TV series of the 90s, Beverly Hills is the natural habitat of actors and celebs who were born to shine and generate envy. Beverly Hills encompasses a wide range of natural and man-made beauties and offers you countless opportunities to spend your spare time in an enjoyable manner. For instance, Beverly Gardens Park and Virginia Robinson Gardens let you organize a picnic, play your favorite sports and unwind in nature, far from the madding crowd. This city also has numerous points of interest, including the Electric Fountain, the Museum of Television & Radio and the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel.

3 Ways to Spot the Best Rentals in Your Favorite Neighborhood

All these attractions and endless entertainment alternatives will convince you to start fresh here. But the question is this: how could you find the cheapest rentals in a city where people are well-known for their extravagant spending?

1) Rely on Word-of-Mouth Ask around. Make new connections. Use your networking skills to spot new properties before they get launched on the real estate market.

2) Go Online Surf the internet to find and compare listings. This process may be tiresome and partially discouraging, but at least it will give you the chance to do some research, get familiar with the market and narrow down your options.

3) Hire a Realtor Take the easy way out by hiring a realtor. This way, you will benefit from an expert insight, discover the particularities of some of the most fascinating communities and estimate the value of your future mortgage payments. There’s no doubt about it: once you set foot in Beverly Hills, there’s no turning back. The most affordable and beautiful Beverly Hills rental that you’ll eventually find will give you butterflies in your stomach and make you feel like you’ve just won the lottery.

3 Keys to Starting a New Fulfilling Life in Irvine, California

Happy loving family playing on the beachSometimes, people just feel the need to leave their old lives behind and explore new possibilities. If you are also dying to relocate to another city, consider moving to Irvine. There are plenty of reasons that could justify your decision. Irvine is a fantastic planned city that ranks among some of the hottest Californian destinations due to its sound economy, friendly Mediterranean climate, low crime rate and beautiful people.

Want to make the most of your new life and avoid pitfalls associated with your relocation? Here are 3 tips that will keep your safe and happy in Irvine.

1) Do Your Homework

Surf the internet and get the general info that you need to know about Irvine. Home to approximately 223,000 people, Irvine is a good place to raise your kids, buy a house and enjoy your retirement. Irvine’s mission statement is to develop and maintain a thriving community where all residents can work, live and play in a safe, appealing and vibrant environment. What more could you ask for from your new home?

Irvine has some of the most renowned public schools in California, tons of amazing residential housing options and many job positions requiring the skills of specialized workforce. Due to these factors, Irvine was ranked by as the 4th best U.S.-based place to live.

Irvine is also one of the American cities with the biggest median income and the lowest violent crimes rate. Known as a hot and extremely convenient location for movie projects and the place where many top businesses Allergan, Inc., BAX Global, ATEN Technology, Inc. and Boot Barn are currently headquartered, Irvine will always give you something to brag about.

2) Find a Cheap Rental

Before setting foot in Irvine, the first thing that you should do is to find a convenient housing option. For instance, a 2-bedroom apartment with a total surface of approximately 900 square feet located in this city would cost you around 1,700 dollars a month. This may sound like a lot of money, but Irvine will also enable you to find a well-paid job, so paying rent will be one of your last concerns.

3) Hire a Realtor to Spot and Compare the Hottest Deals

Worried that you may have a hard time trying to compare offers and price tags and decipher the mysteries of the local real estate market? If so, just get expert advice from a competent realtor. A competent, dependable professional will enable you to uncover the hottest properties before they hit the market. You may also stumble across friendly professionals who will offer you expert info on different key points of interest, such as commuting routes, weather, best restaurants in town, hottest local entertainment alternatives, most convenient discount stores and so on. All in all, contacting a realtor may be a smart move, especially if you don’t have a lot of time and money on your hands and you’re in a hurry to find a new good roof over your head in Irvine.

Jul 2014

Why Rent or Buy a Home in Lancaster, California?

Right Facing For Rent Real Estate Sign Over Clouds and Sunny SkyIf you want to escape your boring reality for just a few days or abandon your dull life once and for all and start over in a beautiful Californian city, just put your finger on the map and find the shortest road to Lancaster.

Home to almost 158,000 residents, Lancaster is known as the biggest city situated in the Californian segment of the famous Mojave Desert. In case you are looking for magnetic landscapes, fresh air, fantastic surroundings and affordable housing options, you’ve come to the right place. Lancaster will offer you all these advantages and many others, tempting you to prolong your vacation and consider relocating to this vibrant city.

Contemplate a Beautiful Oasis in the Mysterious Desert

Lancaster has numerous points of interest that you won’t be able to ignore. Maybe you like to play sports, do some shopping or hang out with friends in elegant bars, clubs and restaurants. No matter how you choose to spend your spare time, Lancaster will make you feel at home by addressing all your leisure-related needs and demands.

For instance, you could start by visiting the renowned Lancaster Performing Arts Center, a first-class facility of its kind with zero bad seats. Apollo Community Regional Park is considered a real oasis in the depth of the desert by both locals and tourists. Here you will be able to feed the ducks and relax in a pristine, soothing environment. Prime Desert Woodland Preserve represents another must-see for wildlife enthusiasts and is often cataloged as the hidden gem of this city. In case you plan to organize a trip that will enable you and your friends to discover the history of Native Americans, don’t forget to visit the Antelope Valley Indian Museum.

Last but not least, if your secret fantasy is to get lost in a large poppy field occupying 1,700 acres of land, choose to spend some time at the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve, where you could admire a great diversity of wild flowers and recharge your batteries in a unique décor.

If you do get bored here, which is almost impossible, you should know that while you’re in Lancaster only 70 miles separate you from the overcrowded, entertainment-friendly downtown Los Angeles.

Check Out the Tempting Offers Available on a Friendly Real Estate Market

Did you really think that your decision to buy or rent a house in Lancaster could lead to your bankruptcy? If so, now would be a good time to change your opinion. The local real estate market is as friendly as it gets and the property of your dreams could be only a few clicks away. Most 2 or 3-bedroom rentals available in this area carry price tags ranging from 800 dollars to 1,300 an up; therefore most families wouldn’t find it difficult to start fresh in this city without getting covered in massive debts.

In case you can afford to pay anywhere from 155,000 dollars to 445,000 dollars and up for a single-family home, rest assured knowing that you’d be able to find a new roof over your head in Lancaster, California in no time.


Jul 2014

3 Things to Consider Before Moving to Anaheim

balmy-november-eveningRelocating to another city or state is never easy. You have to pack and move your personal belongings, contact half a dozen realtors and start looking for a new place that you could call home. Throughout the entire process, you may be bothered by 10 million different questions like: Am I making a smart move here? Will I be able to adapt to a new environment? Will I manage to get a great job/apartment for rent or sale in this new city? In case you are getting prepared to start a new life in Anaheim California, all the answers to these hypothetical questions are most likely affirmative.

Anaheim is the second biggest city in the sunny Orange County. It is home to more than 336,000 residents and has gained quite a bit of fame due to its amazing convention center, sports teams and delightful theme parks. Is Anaheim right for you and your family? When in doubt, just take a closer look at the 3 most important things that you should factor in before making a final call.

Are You Ready to Start Fresh in a Densely Populated Urban Area?

If you want to retire comfortable in a place where you could hear crickets 24/7 and enjoy your sweet isolation without being bothered by noisy neighbors and kids, then life in Anaheim may not be your cup of tea. After all, Anaheim is the 54th most densely populated American city and encompasses a great variety of communities and neighborhoods. On the other hand, if you love the cool vibe of a Californian city, just rent or buy a place in Downtown Anaheim, located in the center of the Colonial District.

In this area you’ll find the highest concentration of tourist attractions, including the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce, the Anaheim West Tower, the City Hall, the Main Library, Anaheim Ice, the Center Street Promenade and the local Farmer’s Market.

Can You Afford to Rent or Buy a Property in Anaheim?

Analyze the cost of living and make sure your future expenses won’t overbalance your budget. Take various elements into consideration, including expenses associated with groceries, housing and health care. According to recent statistics, Anaheim’s cost of living is up to 4% less than California’s average. At the same time, it is up to 26% bigger than the current national average. Take a closer look at properties that are currently listed on the market. There are many amazing 2 and 3-bedroom home that won’t cost you more than 1,300 per month. Take the time you need to compare price tags and make an educated decision.

Does Anaheim Match Your Current Lifestyle Choices?

Chances are that Anaheim will be to your entire liking. After all, how many Californian cities can offer you the chance to live in the immediate proximity of Disneyland Resort, Adventure City and the Anaheim Plaza, one of the biggest retail centers of the region? Whether you like to shop till you drop, relax in the middle of nature, visit the coolest amusement parks or enjoy the supreme wining and dining experience, Anaheim has everything covered.

Jul 2014

3 Things You Should Know Before Renting or Buying a Home in Modesto, California

Shared ApartmentLooking for a new home in the sunny state of California? If you can’t afford to follow the stars in Hollywood or buy a multimillion dollar property in San Francisco, this doesn’t mean that all is lost. There are many other Californian cities that support your need for change and let you pursue your goals. Modesto is one of them. Situated in Northern California, in the Great Valley Region, Modesto is home to more than 201,000 residents. Known as the 18th biggest city of the most populous American state, Modesto was ranked by Forbes among the top 100 best bang for the buck cities in 2009. If you value your money and want to boost your overall quality of life, relocating to Modesto may be an inspired decision, for three main reasons:

1) Modesto Doesn’t Force You to Embrace a Dull, Modest Lifestyle. There’s nothing boring or modest about Modesto. The beautiful McHenry Mansion, Gallo Centre for the Arts and the serene Naraghi Lake are only 3 notable points of interest that you shouldn’t miss during your stay in Modesto. The State Theatre is labeled as Modesto’s invaluable gem, while the Bellavagos Day Spa is cataloged by most locals and tourists as pure happiness.

2) Modesto Is a Great Place to Retire. Modesto can make your life even more enjoyable at any age. Nonetheless, this cozy environment is definitely a good pick for elderly people who are interested in buying or renting a new home in California to celebrate their first years of retirement. Here they could invest their time and energy in relaxing hobbies, like gardening or agricultural practices.

In case you didn’t know, Modesto is quite famous for its elevated farm production. Mostly due to its chickens, milk, walnuts, corn silage and almonds, the county turned its generous agricultural production into a whopping 3.1 billion dollars in 2011. If working Modesto’s fertile land is not exactly your secret fantasy, you should know that this city also encompasses a wide range of entertainment centers, like Boomers Modesto for instance, which are ideal for senior citizens.

3) Modesto’s Real Estate Market Will Never Intimidate You.  Can’t afford to throw money out the window, but would give just about anything to start fresh in Cali? If this sounds like your story, take the time you need to browse through the ample selection of Modesto-based properties for rent or for sale. For a modest amount of money ranging from $900 to $1,200 and up you can rent a superb 3-bedroom, fully furnished house located in a nice and safe neighborhood. Fantastic properties for sale located in the same urban region carry price tags ranging from 80,000 to $300,000. All in all, Modesto will surprise you with a plentitude of budget-friendly accommodation options that are ideal for seniors and large families with kids. The green surroundings, the gorgeous man-made lake called Naraghiand the friendly local real estate market turn Modesto into a real paradise for home hunters whose options are limited by a tight budget.


Jul 2014