How to Act Like a Proud San Diego Local

San Diego welcomes you - Temecula Balloon and Wine festival on JIf you are getting ready to enjoy an eventful vacation and are looking for a vibrant, sunny destination, consider visiting San Diego. This prominent city located in Southern California, adjacent to the Mexican border and only 120 miles far from southern Los Angeles, is the place where you can loosen up under the hot summer sun, sample incredible dishes, check out a wide range of tourist attractions and come home with an envy-generating tan.

You may have some leverage as a tourist, but things start to get better and better once locals get the distinctive impression that you are one of them. But how can you walk, talk, buy and have fun like a San Diego local when you only know this town from photos, maps and tourist guides? Here are a few tips that could make things a whole lot easier for you and help you blend in with minimal effort.

Buy Like a Local. While you’re on vacation, you may feel free to become a bit self-indulgent. This doesn’t mean that you should feel encouraged to spend a small fortune on a cotton designer T-shirt. However, you could always channel your inner snob and vintage lover by visiting Kobey’s Swap Market, located on Sports Arena Blvd. This is the perfect place for a treasure hunt. Chances are that you will stumble across invaluable pieces of history put out for sale. Here you can buy and sell like a local and have lots of fun in the process. Nobody will know that you’re actually from a different city or state.

Eat Like a Local. Fancy some local specialties? If so, just book a table at Nico’s Mexican Food, a great restaurant located on Newport Avenue. Would you rather cook your own meals? In this case, just get all your fresh ingredients from the famous Ocean Beach Farmers Market. Here you can find the best salsa you have ever tasted and delight your taste buds with fantastic free samples.

Spend Quality Time Like a Local. San Diego has many amazing parks and green outdoor spaces. Here you can organize a picnic, play different sports or just lie on your back and enjoy the gorgeous view. A long walk in the Balboa Park could be all you need to de-stress and meditate in a beautiful, calming environment. Belmont Park with its crazy rides and SeaWorld represent two of the most popular hangout spots in San Diego that will most likely raise the enthusiasm of your kids.

Find the Best Accommodation Options. If you can’t talk, walk or shop like a local, at least talk to one when it comes to finding the best rentals in San Diego.A great realtor will enable you to spot the best neighborhoods and the most fantastic properties matching your own selection criteria.

At the end of the day, a rental can make or break your vacation. Choose to compare the best properties in your price range and make an informed decision to turn your summer holiday into a great memory.

Jul 2014

Aspects That You Should Consider Before Relocating to Santa Monica

Santa Monica BeachAt some point in your life, you may be forced to abandon the place that you now call home and relocate to another city or state. If you are determined to start a new life in a fantastic beachfront city located in the western part of the famous Los Angeles County, you may want to rent or buy a property in Santa Monica.

Why Choose Santa Monica?

Whether you want to accept a fantastic job offer, raise your kids in a safe but never dull environment, stay as close as possible to a large number of cultural landmarks or simply find your sweet spot in an urban area that is not as intimidating as the overcrowded center of Manhattan, Santa Monica is the perfect place to be. Counting approximately 90,000 permanent residents, this city is home to high-end office complexes and shelters numerous prominent buildings, including the Bergamot Station Arts Center, Westside Ballet and the Museum of Flying. In addition, Santa Monica is all about collegiate sports, amazing leisure activities and adrenaline-filled competitions, like horseracing for instance.

How to Find a Fantastic New Home Rapidly and Stress-Free

Finding a gorgeous property for rent or for sale in Santa Monica is easy, as long as you know which steps to follow to save time, money and energy.

Analyze Your Objectives. If you don’t know where you’ll want to be 5 years from now on and you aren’t exactly the consistent type, it may be best to find a rental, rather than getting a mortgage to buy a new home that you may want to sell after a while. Would you like to start a family in Santa Monicaand grow roots here? How big would you want your house to be? Would you like it to be located in the heart of the city or are you willing to go for less central locations? Identify and follow your most relevant selection criteria to find the most suitable accommodation alternatives for you and your family.

Go Beyond Price Tags. Life in California isn’t exactly cheap, so the fact that you are judging every rental that you stumble across based on its price is perfectly understandable; however, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore different other characteristics that may be equally important. For instance, location, the age and overall condition of a building, space requirements, recreational opportunities, commuting patterns and distance from your potential new home to key facilities (hospitals, clinics, grocery stores, schools and so on) are other essential aspects that you should factor in before making a final call.

Check Out Listings and Consult a Realtor. Surf the Internet to explore virtual tours of several properties that meet your needs and demands. Even though you may think that you have everything under control, it wouldn’t hurt to rely on an expert opinion. After all, you are getting ready to start a new life in a new city that you know only from maps, movies and pictures found on the internet.

A realtor will offer you an insight into the local real estate market, as well as a much more practical series of tips related to lifestyle and adaptation to an unfamiliar environment in general.

Jul 2014

Things That You Should Know about California-Based Vacation Rentals

Happy loving family playing on the beachAfter all those busy months that kept you trapped inside your office, you are most likely daydreaming about your next vacation and planning every single detail related to your upcoming escapade. But before packing your bags, you may want to research different accommodation options. If you simply dislike hotel rooms and want to feel more independent in a more intimidate environment, you may want to check out convenient vacation rentals in the region where you plan to spend your holiday.

Why Choose California?

There are many reasons why you would have the time of your life in California. The friendly people, clean beaches, hot sun and great wave rides are only a few of the essential ingredients of an overall perfect mix associated with America’s most densely populated state.

What to Look for in a Rental

According to the numbers provided by the National Association of Realtors, there are approximately 1 million properties cataloged as vacation rentals all across the U.S. However, only half of them actually become available to the wide public. This means that you have to plan your trip in advance and start looking for a great accommodation option as soon as you figure out when, where and with whom you will be going on vacation.

Steps to Follow to Find the Perfect Vacation Rental

Determine the “When”, “Where”, “Who” and “Why” Factors. Why wouldn’t you settle for a hotel room? Where exactly would you like to spend your next days? Would you choose a storefront property or would you be grateful to find a vacation rental with superb views located in the city center? How many people will be accompanying you? Put all these details on paper to narrow down your search.

Set a Timeframe. Do you need a place where you could feel at home for a well-determined period of time or are you flexible when it comes to scheduling your vacation? If you can afford to change your mind and modify dates on short notice, you can always check out various websites enabling you to bid for extremely attractive “last-minute” vacation properties for rent.

Get Familiar with Your Favorite Vacation Rental. Once you’ve finally managed to identify some of the most amazing vacation rentals in California, make sure they match your selection criteria. Don’t just seal the deal and hop on a plane, car, train or bus thinking that you will get all the info that you need at your destination. By going down this road, you leave the door open to countless unpleasant surprises. For instance, the property that you plan to rent could be in foreclosure. It could also be very different from what you have already seen in photos. Would you really be willing to take chances when it comes to organizing your vacation? Look for online reviews, ask to see some testimonials from previous tenants and check out the Facebook page of your property of choice. Last but not least, remember that you should always research the renter. Reclusive owners may send a warning sign that you’d better take into consideration.

Extra tip: Smaller Units Work Best for Privacy Seekers. Even though you may be travelling with a large group, it would be wiser to opt for a large property that was divided into small individual housing units. This way, you will be able to delimitate your comfort zone and profit from a higher level of privacy.

All in all, there are many vacation rentals in Californiaand advance planning will help you find the best one, save big on accommodation and avoid potential pitfalls associated with the local real estate market.


Jul 2014